May 11, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Joanna Newsom caught my attention with her unmistakable child like voice and whimsical melodies. She plays the harp, which is an instrument that I have always admired, so beautifully. I couldn't really find an official solitary site but go HERE to visit her page. My favorite song so far is "sprout and the bean" you can watch the video for it below! Hope you enjoy!

I slept all day
awoke with distaste
and I railed,
and I raved

That the difference between
the sprout and the bean
is a golden ring,
it is a twisted string.
And you can ask the counselor;
you can ask the king;
and they'll say the same thing;
and it's a funny thing:

Should we go outside?
Should we go outside?
Should we break some bread?
Are y'interested?

And as I said,
I slept as though dead
dreaming seamless dreams of lead.

When you go away,
I am big-boned and fey
in the dust of the day,
in the dirt of the day.

and Danger! Danger! Drawing near them was a white coat,
and Danger! Danger! drawing near them was a broad boat,
And the water! water! running clear beneath a white throat,
and the hollow chatter of the talking of the Tadpoles,

who know th'outside!
Should we go outside?
Should we break some bread?
Are y'interested?


  1. I don't really like her voice, but the harp playing is gorgeous! It's such a pretty instrument. Cute filmclip too!
    I love that you have such diverse taste in music Steph :) You never repeat yourself!

  2. yeah, her voice is very different but I think it works for that song.

    Thanks, I usually just post what I happen to find from week to week!! I know everyone isn't going to like every song or maybe they only like one...but I enjoy passing on songs. :D

  3. I can't really decide if I like her or not. It's very unique. Her voice is definitely weird, but that harp is beautiful!

  4. Namine: yeah, her voice is definitely unique. I can see were she would probably not make it to main stream.