September 28, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Innerpartysystem is a electronica style band from America. One of the members left the band recently but I believe the others are still working on new songs. My favorite from them is "Don't Stop". I would like you dears to listen to the lyrics because unlike most electro songs these have some pretty interesting lyrics to it. The video is below hope you enjoy!

September 27, 2010

The Glorious Ones: Book Review

Flaminio Scala brought out a foxy laughter in me after the first page. What a snarky man he is, this will be hilarious. But I was wrong, not soon after two pages in did those thoughts get dashed from my mind. This was to be a tragedy of many kinds. Each chapter threw me into the view of a different character dealing with what troubled them but all revolving around the life span of the troupe “The Glorious Ones”, the very troupe that Flaminio Scala created himself over a life time.

“The Glorious Ones” was written by Francine Prose and it certainly is a unique read. I find it slightly appropriate that I found this book in the two dollar bin, casted out from the warmth of the main book store, because in ways that was what this book was about, people that didn’t fit in with society or, in ways, with themselves.

Good Points
I found the characters to be solid and raw

Different points of views

Bad Points
Disappointed at first when I realized this was to be a tragedy (since is started off as a dark comedy)

The Ending was equivalent to wanting something and not having the money, only to go back later with the money and finding it gone, you were too late. Not to say I was disappointed by the ending only that I was left with this longing feeling like it wasn’t truly over.

3 out of 5

September 25, 2010

The Name of the Wind: Book Review

I was a bit hesitant to read this after someone recommended it to me, but I am glad they did. Rothfuss is an excellent fantasy writer, one I would dare say to rival Tolkien. Kvothe, the protagonist, is spell binding to say the least. Though he might not have obtained his “hero” title in a traditional way he certainly earned it. It was refreshing to read a story with characters that fight with intelligence more so over brute strength and having a male hero not think he is god’s gift to women wasn’t bad either.

High Points:
Unique characters
Interesting story
Well worded

Low Points:
There were a few winded parts, some might find it interested to read a full page about how to ride a horse properly….I may have skimmed that page…cough cough.

I thought the cut off, ending, was very abrupt. But at the same time it just made me want the next book to be out all the quicker.

The Name of the Wind is the first installment in the King Killer Chronicles the next is The Wise Man’s Fear. It is set to come out in March 2011.

5 out of 5

September 24, 2010

Make "MCB" Better!

Hello Lovelies I need your assistance please! I want to make Magical Chip Bag better! Since you are my humble audience, I want to please you! Yeah, that didn't sound creepy at all. Any how, if any of you have something specific you want to see or see more of comment below or you can anonymously vote on the poll to your right!

Fall Fables: Mix Tape

The playlist to your right has been changed for Fall. Hope You enjoy!

September 22, 2010

New at the box office?

Tron: Legacy is based loosely on the game. The story follows Sam Flynn a man who has been searching for his father since he was a child, only to find that his father has been trapped in a game for 25 years. Sam enters the game only to learn things are not what they seem. Can he win? For the majority it is coming out this year, Dec 17. If you want to double check go HERE for release date list. Click HERE if you want to see the trailer!

Sucker Punch is probably the one I am looking forward to most. Though it's not scheduled to release until late March 2011. You can still watch the preview trailer HERE. The story follows a girl who has been institutionalized by her Step-father and to cope with it she dreams of an alternate reality that has everything; dragons, huge metal Samaria, gundums, machine guns, blimps, dancing, etcetera. You tend to forget the movie is based in the 1950s...


September 21, 2010

Tune Tuesday

This Scottish songbird is Amy Macdonald. She was signed back in 2007 but started singing when shes was very young. She has a unique indie style and her voice is different for me it's not deep, it's low. My favorite from her is "This is the life" the video is below, ENJOY!

September 20, 2010

arg, me bad.

Avast me mates, I be forgetting 'bout written in pirate on the day of suns. So i'll make it up to ye. Me papa got in on the festivities and spoke the pirate tongue as well, as did me first mate Jodi. We sailed into old dark waters and made it back and the first mate and I watched a movin' picture box about the pirate way o' life. har har har..

Okay enough of that, hahaha, it was way harder to talk pirate all day than I thought. But it was fun, lots of giggles and laughs came from yesterday. I glad we did it.
Tomorrow is tune tuesday see you dears then!

September 17, 2010

Jolly Roger

This Sunday, September 19, is talk like a pirate day! It's a day to be silly and confuse those around you! If you want to participate click HERE to see some common pirate speech and a couple of pick up lines! I also found a page about pirate myths you can check that out HERE.

Here is a pirate comic I found last month that shivered me timbers...ahahahaha! It's called "The Pirate Balthasar" It has a mixture of snarkiness and romance that keeps your attention.

I don't have many pirate movies I like but here we go; Sinbad the sailor (1947) & Treasure Planet.

ALSO if you want to do a little bit more to show your love of pirates! There is an option on your facebook to change it to pirate slang. Go to the bottom of your facebook and you'll see something like English(US) or English (UK)....what ever language you have it set to click that. a box will pop up and you will see a list of langauges. English has a drop down arrow click that and it should be the third one English (pirate). Your page will be full of pirate slang!

On Sunday I will write a post in the best pirate slang I can muster! Hope you beauts and gents have fun this weekend!

September 14, 2010

Tune Tuesday

I recently purchased a subscription for a music magazine and it came with a free cd. I got to choose from four different artists and I picked "The Love Language" and I do not regret it. I opened my case to see the small instructions "this record should be played loud...with the windows down." It certainly has an old world whimsy feel to it. They started in Raleigh, NC where they eventually got established and signed! My favorite on the album is number 6 "heart to tell" and my second favorite is "this blood is our own". I mentioned the second one because truthfully I had a hard time picking between them...

ALSO the above link is for their main website but it is very "busy" if you have a slow computer or connection go to their blog HERE.

The song is "Heart to tell"

September 12, 2010

4 out of 5

Have you ever thought about which of your five senses you would give up if you had to? I for the longest time would answer smell because I felt like that would be the one I could deal with lose better. I think I would probably still give that answer but it's interesting to wonder about it. I love music and the sounds of voices, I love taking pictures and looking at peoples expressions, the taste of foods, giving hugs and holding hands... I guess I chose smell because I've never really liked strong smells whether they were sweet or rank they would get to me.

What would you chose to give up?

September 11, 2010

peace...I hope you find it

WAAAAA! cute cute, click HERE and be transported to fuck yeah cute food's tumblr where food is unbearably cute!! You can also go HERE for some sinfully good looking food.

I suppose some might think I have let it slip my mind what today is. I haven't. But all I want to say about it is I hope those who lost someone dear to them that day have found peace. If you want to know more about the "situation" that is surrounding today go HERE. It should give you a fairly neutral idea about both sides of the feud.

Peace my dears! I hope you are all happy, safe, and have satisfied appetites.

September 10, 2010


I recently found the new super awesome e-comic pepersae! It has cute boys and cleavage! GO, GO READ IT NOW!

September 8, 2010

Tune Tuesday

A dear friend of mine gave me a stack of mixes to listen to. One of those was Anais Mitchell's Hadestown. Other artists are on the cd with her to make this unique folk opera, with mythological characters thrown in, more diverse. My favorite song is "Wait for me" which is with Ben Knox Miller and Justin Vernon. The dark jazzy feel is inviting to me and I can't help pressing repeat when I hear it. The song is below hope you enjoy!

September 6, 2010

Day of Rest

It's Labor Day here in the states! A day to not work but instead relax and party. I am going to have dinner at my mother's and my grandparents will also be there. So Fingers crossed my Acid reflux doesn't act up. It happened to act up when I was with a dear friend and that put a damper on our plans but it was nice just to see her.

Yesterday dad and I were looking around our yard and noticed we need to spruce it up a bit. We cut down two mini trees that were growing over the concrete, saved another tree by ridding it of the vines that were strangling it, and saved the air conditioning unit from the same viney villain. We might work on the yard more today. We have 4 mini trees we need to cut down, get rid of the all the vines, trim up the plants, clean off the concrete, and get rid of the base of where our playhouse used to be.

well i'm off I wish those a happy labor day and if you don't celebrate it I still wish you a grand day!

September 3, 2010

Old Wives Tale

My step dad and mom recently bought a book that lists thousands of tips and tricks to help with cleaning, cooking, and make up in an alternative fashion. One said in you have a marker stain on your leather rub milk on it. I haven't the foggiest if that's true, i'm not about to mark the leather just to find out. But one we read was about cleaning a chandelier without having to take it down. Just simple have someone stand below it holding an umbrella upside down it will catch all the drippings from your cloth. Its a good idea but I couldn't help think of the superstition of not opening an umbrella indoors. I guess I started to wonder how superstitious people are in modern times or if the kids today even know of them. I don't really follow those like a black cat or glass breaking. I'm more of if a picture frame of a loved one fell over I would be worried and start calling to see if they were okay.

If you would like to see a list of superstitions go HERE

September 1, 2010

aw crap that's the break..

Tonight I got to drive a 2010 camaro SS and let me just say that I am not graceful when it comes to manual cars. I LOVE an automatic more than you will ever know. After a very short time I stopped the car and relinquished the drivers seat for the more comfortable passenger's seat! And then they gunned it and I hit my head on the head times!

Also I would like to rage about something real quick.. there is a drug commercial that shows parents trying to talk to their kids about not doing drugs. The "dad" stands up and is about to go into how he would tell his child when the kid interrupts him to say the following "your child sees you as a form of income, they tolerate you." I think I almost dropped my tea glass. What a smug asinine thing to say. I'm sure there are some children who feel that way towards their parents but that is not the norm. Or is it? Am I wrong? I love my parents and although they are authority figures in my life they are my friends as well. What do you think?