December 21, 2010

Tune Tuesday


December 17, 2010

um, ahhh, ooh, eeeeh

Do you ever happen to have a gift problem? My family will ask me "What do you want for Christmas?". This year I responded, "I would like to buy a new outfit." I've lost weight from being sick and I would just like to have an outfit that doesn't hang off me. Apparently that wasn't what they wanted to hear. Some people don't like to hear you want a gift card, they want to buy you an actual present. So I was left at a loss because I couldn't really think of anything I could tell them to get me. There are things I want but they're more of things I need to find on my own....? I guess because I see things I like but they are too expensive so I look until I can find a similar one cheap. I don't want to say "HAY find something that looks like this!"

I'm going to try and be better about it next year and actually keep a list of things I want or see I like that people can actually buy.

December 15, 2010

Let's Recap

Here is a list of my favorites for 2010!

-The Mysterious Benedict Society
-Name of the Wind (King Killer Chronicles)
-The Glorious Ones

-Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
-No One Knows About Persian Cats
-Lovely Bones

~Personal Events~
-Getting my Associates
-Meeting Holly

-The Tumbled Sea - Songs
-My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand shark's Teeth
-Florence & the Machine - Lungs
-Lay Low - Please Don't Hate Me
-Twin Sister - Color Your Life
-The Protomen - The Protomen
-The Love Language - Libraries
-Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
-Moneycar - Demo Cd
-サンボマスター - Sambomaster wa kimi ni katarikakeru

What were your favorites for 2010? And heads up I will be attempting to go a week without the internet starting Christmas day so I suppose you won't see any posts until the day after New Years. Which i'm kind of excited about. Starting the New Year with out the internet, cheers lovelies!

December 14, 2010

Tune Tuesday

This tune Tuesday is the ambient group 65daysofstatic. They started back in 2001 in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Their music is a wonderful toss up of rock and electronic add-ins. My favorite song from them is "Retreat! Retreat!". Any ambient song that sounds like it's telling you a story is top notch in my book, and that's exactly what they do. You can listen to the song below, ENJOY!

December 13, 2010

mini envy

Lovelies you have to click HERE and see this doll house, I wish it was life size and then I would live in it.

December 11, 2010


I DECIDED, that starting New Years i'm going to email one person a month, that are on my facebook. I started thinking about things earlier and I got a bit flustered over the whole thing. When I first started a facebook page I only added people I was truly friends with but as time went on I started adding people that I happened to know through school or friend of friends type situation. I guess the thing that got to me was most of these people live in the same town as me. They see me at the food store or at the gas station but not once has any of them ever said hi to me and on the off chance they are "forced" into conversation they barely talk to me. What is up with that, you weird people who like to keep up with what's going on in my life but you can't stand to share a few words with me, WTF?

Then I wondered, am I thinking to much about this? Does it even matter? But I guess in a way it does matter to me other wise I wouldn't have got so aggravated about it. YOU, YES YOU, my blogger friends converse with me more than the people in my town, except my close friend J. I don't mind that I talk to you lovelies more its just why should I be "friends" with someone if all they want to do is keep tabs on me, its a bit creepy if you think about it. Like a "big brother" type deal, meh. I don't like it.

I try to be the person that tried in a relationship even if it is just a friendship, even if it means me looking like a fool I want to be able to say I tried. But after you try and try or put forth effort and they don't even acknowledge you...what's the point?

so i'm going to write a email to one person a month on my facebook, it will be random. But I decided if they don't respond I'M DE-FRIENDING THEIR ASSES! HA!

Got a little bit carried away there hahahaha

The Meaning of What?

I recently read one of my favorite blogs! And it got me thinking what do you think about when you hear "Christmas", what goes with it? Some people acknowledge it as the birth of the Christian savior Jesus Christ. And if I remember, it has certainly been a while, right on that night three wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Then again Christmas wasn't an official holiday in america until the early 1800s, and the europians celebrated it long before but not for Jesus. Instead they celebrated the end of "darkness" and the beginning of a new year. AND before them the romans celebrated Saturnalia, their god of agriculture.

For me personally, yes I think its the gifts. And not in that horrible commercialized way but more of the "I really care about you and I want to give you something to represent that". My icon for this day is Saint Nicholas, not the fat red guy. That man in the picture. He was a wealthy man but instead of hoarding it like so many do he gave it away to the less fortunate. And after he died many people honored his memory by giving gifts to others. That to me is something worth celebrating. When people help other people.

I'm not blogging today to say your view of Christmas is wrong if its different than mine. I am just curious about what others think of this holiday!

December 10, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Ideas?

I'm about to make some mini stockings to hang and I need something to fill them with! To me a stocking stuffer is at least under $10. I know I want to buy those big candy bars but I'm not sure what else. Do you lovelies have any ideas?

December 7, 2010

Tune Tuesday

I bet you thought I forgot about Tune Tuesday! Well haha, you'd be right. I was on a mission, the mission de-clutter. You'll be happy to hear I succeeded and it's quite clean. Back to the music, this week is 東京事変. It's smooth, chill, laid back, and sexy. My favorite song from them is 能動的三分間. And you can watch it below...

December 6, 2010


I have a hate/hate relationship with sleep. It takes me forever to actually get to sleep and if I don't I usually have a horrible headache the next day. Here are other things I do...

1. I rock one of my feet back and forth
2. you will usually find me in the leap-frog position
3. I talk, sing, and walk in my sleep

On one occasion I almost had the crap beat out of me because of my sleeping episodes. I was sleeping over at a friends house, a week after she had found out her neighbor had murdered his wife and mother-in-law *mind you he was/is in jail, but the whole thing really frightened her*. The window to her room was broken at the time. I don't know why I did this but in my sleep I walked over to the said broken window and just stood there, yes like that scene in Paranormal activity. Bad timing on her part, she woke up and saw a figure by the window. She grabbed her trusty metal bat and made a bee line for my head. Thank the graces that she realized it was me before she inflicted brain damage on me.

December 2, 2010

December 1, 2010

December to-dos

To watch: Paper Man, Sills like this, Severed Ways, TRON: Legacy, Harry Potter 7 (pt. 1)

to read: the red umbrella & how I made it to eighteen

things to do: go a week without internet, rearrange room, de-clutter, shop and wrap presents