December 6, 2010


I have a hate/hate relationship with sleep. It takes me forever to actually get to sleep and if I don't I usually have a horrible headache the next day. Here are other things I do...

1. I rock one of my feet back and forth
2. you will usually find me in the leap-frog position
3. I talk, sing, and walk in my sleep

On one occasion I almost had the crap beat out of me because of my sleeping episodes. I was sleeping over at a friends house, a week after she had found out her neighbor had murdered his wife and mother-in-law *mind you he was/is in jail, but the whole thing really frightened her*. The window to her room was broken at the time. I don't know why I did this but in my sleep I walked over to the said broken window and just stood there, yes like that scene in Paranormal activity. Bad timing on her part, she woke up and saw a figure by the window. She grabbed her trusty metal bat and made a bee line for my head. Thank the graces that she realized it was me before she inflicted brain damage on me.


  1. Well, I am glad to see there was no brain damage sustained...creepy that your friend's window was broken at that time!
    I am a leapfrog sleeper for sure...which can annoy the hubby I think - especially when I sprawl out!!

  2. love the picture. That's a crazy story about the sleep walking. I have huge trouble sleeping too, but I haven't heard of myself sleep walking.