April 30, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar

The other night I watched James Cameron's Avatar. I was really reluctant to watch it. When I first caught wind of it, I was all over watching it but then it became this huge "have to" see movie and I don't usually like those. Then recently new stories of how fans had watch the movie only to wake up the next day depressed about their lives and nothing they did would ever be close to the movie. right....

So Jodi and I watched it and visually it was amazing....and that's about it. There was one scene that I cracked up about. They start sending the "planes" out and this guy is outside the window routing them on when all of a sudden he get's slapped by the wind of the planes and he almost falls over and he loses his hat. Now the funny part is the planes aren't real so I wonder what made him really jerk like that...

bad parts: The voices...script sucked "yeah, yeah you better run, yeah go get your friends, i'll take em' on"

Another thing I want to bring up is that we've all seen this story before!!! It's called Pocahontas.... "What??? Stephanie surely you're mistaken?"

No, think about it.... Pocahontas "white man finds new land and wants it's resources, finds out there are natives, try to be friendly and get in with them, when that doesn't work they just try to kill them all, the guy who was the go-between "john smith" almost dies but Pocahontas saves him by jumping over his body. He learns the ways of the native people..

Avatar is the same story just instead of native Americans it's blue people, not new adventurers but the american army, instead of John Smith it's Jake Sully (Holy crap their initials are the same..tsk tsk), and instead of Pocahontas it's Neytiri

so is it this amazing story??? I don't think so. Visually yes it's spectacular but story wise...not that original.

P.s. My "Box Office" list has been updated if you want to check out the new movies I am looking forward to seeing!

April 29, 2010

Journal Love

A little while ago, about a year, a fellow blogger friend of mine bought a "Wreck Journal" and well wrecked it. For some people it might seem really horrible to buy a book and then rip a page out, burn a page, or scribble all over it...Well then this book may or may not be for you. It's a way at experimenting and being creative in a very destructive way. Which can be a really good thing sometimes. I am going to pick myself up a copy this summer and go through the pages in no particular order. I love the idea and think it would be awesome. I also bought a normal everyday composition notebook. I made a list of things I wanted to do in May and hopefully will complete it. I put one of my "21 before 21" things in there too so I'll hit two birds with one stone.

Here is my May To-Do List if you want to keep up with it.

OH OH, and there will be a movie review tomorrow and that will be the end of my Nablopomo month. I appreciate everyone who read and commented!! I love you all!

April 28, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 5 Version A

Wow I think this was the first time not all the options where voted for, I.e. C was casted out in vain. Thanks again for voting for the next scene in this on going story of mystery. This scene is kind of a catch up so to speak. Hope you enjoy it!! Vote for Scene 6 in the poll if you want this story to keep going!!

P.s. I posted the photos from the festival CLICK HERE to see them!

Scene 5 version A

“Let me begin my dear by introducing my self. You may call me Ulric.” Bowed the beautiful man

Red cocked her head to the side while surveying the stranger. He had golden eyes like Pin that made her think there was more to this man than let on. “Are you Pin?” questioned Red bluntly

“No, I’m not the wolf you know as Pin, he is my son.” Smiled Ulric revealing a sharp grin

“Where is he?” asked Red

“He is out with the pack, he will return in a short time.” Said Ulric

Ulric sat back down on the bed with Red. He looked out the window for a moment collecting his thoughts wisely before starting. Red couldn’t stop starring at the man; there was something so familiar about him.

“Red, you are part wolf. Your mother fell in love with a young male from our pack. She didn’t know he what he was until she had you.” Ulric paused waiting for Red to injected but she just kept his gaze in silence

“Your father and I made a deal so to speak, I would keep the wolves away from your mother, a threat to our secret, in exchange for you wedding my son.” Ulric spat out coarsely

“hahahaha, I’m not old enough to get married” giggled Red

“Well it’s not something that would happen right away, it’s an arranged marriage” explained Ulric

Red continued laughing at the man’s story when the door opened. A boy not much older than Red walked in, he looked wrong in a way that he didn’t fit his body. A mature soul in a young vessel, gave him a cold look. He walked in with two other figures. One was slim and the other muscular.

“Hello, love.” Said the boy with a liquid steel flow

“Are you Pin?” ask Red

The boy starred at the young girl with lost in his eyes but understood soon what she meant. “Yes, I am your Pin.”

Red pushed off the bed with a new found energy, making a mad dash for the boy. She hugged him tight before letting go. “What’s your name; it’s not Pin is it?” Ask Red with a touch of sadness

“No, my name is Lyall.” Answered the boy but noticing the girl’s expression, “You can call me pin, if you like.”

Red’s face brightened up with a smile so quickly that Lyall blushed. Red giggled at the fun she was going to have with her new friend, forgetting the conversation she had just had with Ulric. Forgetting just how bound she was to her new friend… forgetting about her home

Forgetting about Axe…

April 27, 2010

Tune Tuesday

White Rabbits is a 6 person band, the more the merrier, originally from Missouri. I don't know much to say about the group except I love their song "Percussion Gun". It has a great beat, dur, and I love the lyrics. If you ever find a song with unique lyrics chances are i'll like it. Click the link above and you can see some of their tour dates. I would love to see them in person, I imagine the energy they bring would be amazing. I also read somewhere that they interchange instruments during shows, show offs. Also do any of you ever hate a song because it's played as a theme song for a show you hate so by association you hate the song??


Well how do you do?
A kiss on the cheek
Hey, it’s been a while
So I’ll just beg, borrow and steal all your time
We’ll call you dignified
Well not it all seems to be cold and dry
So I know which way you run
You’re tired my love,
I feel the same, oh.

Now take it from me,
What else could you do?
Now where do you get off?
And how can I get there too?
Oh, in time, we’ll call you dignified
But now it all seems to be cold and dry
so I know which way you run
You’re tired my love,
I feel the same, oh.

We’ll never come back
My god, can’t you see?
That I know which way you run
You’re tired my love, I feel the same,
The loving wrong won’t speak my name, no!

Will everyone see you rise and shine?
It might not be true, well this is fine,
‘Cause I know which way you run,
You’re tired my love, I feel the same,
the won’t speak my name,
Now even rats would jump this ship
Oh just give me some peace of mind
Cause I…

April 25, 2010

Amateur Adventurer

Today I really wanted to take some photos of a festival that was going on in my home town, but i didn't want to go alone... I never really want to go anywhere alone. Why? I don't know, I guess I used to feel like going alone was equivalent to vulnerability and in a way it is. My want of taking a photo outweighed the fear of being alone and I went. It was quite awkward at first; I felt on edge, shoulders back, face firm, back straight...and then everything just kind of relaxed me. I didn't stay long because the pollen count was extremely high and I started having a reaction but I enjoyed just walking around, keeping my opinions to myself, not having to constantly check to make sure a companion was still in toe...it was me and just me. You'll see the pictures soon on my other page and i'll post a link here when i do.

Photo found on weheartit.com

April 24, 2010

Options Open

I was watching a discovery channel showing about sex and relationships. One of the couples that they interviewed had a very different type of relationship than what normal couples do. They were not legally married but had "committed" to each other in a way. They had a system where one night a week the guy would bring a girl home to have sex with and then another night the girl would bring a guy home. There were a few rules they had to follow like you can't cuddle, that person could not spend the night, it had to purely be about sex.

What do you think? Are humans meant to be monogamous? Most marriages end in divorce, most people cheat at least once in there lives. Maybe we shouldn't just set our selfs to one person or maybe be more open to the fact that we might every now and again want to try something new? Maybe society has created an image for us that isn't what we are supposed to be?

I don't think cheating is okay (going behind someones back). I think that this particular couple had a problem and found a way to fix it. And I know everyones eye wonders but the question is do you act on that or not... look but no touch. I think if both parties are wanting something and agree to it..then it's not a problem but if the other person is not okay with it, it's a problem.

April 22, 2010

Peace Lover???

So basically I found this random carbonated tea drink that has possibly some of the coolest can art ever! The company is called Peace Tea. Now here is the awkward part, the drink its self isn't that great. Not horrible but not awesome either. Actually if i had a blind taste test I would have chosen the Lipton green tea over theirs. But I loved the can art so much I bought it (and kept it). I personally think the lemon iced tea is better than the green tea version... Anywho I guess i'm trying to say that sometimes companies design covers and packagings to beckon you and you end up buying something that isn't what you expected. I haven't had the ceylon tea (which is pictured above) but I hope to try it and see if I like it. Is it bad of me to buy something that I know i'm not going to love (possibly not finish) just so I can keep the can??

April 21, 2010

Tune Tuesday (yes i know it's Wednesday)

I heard Sukima Switch's "Golden time lover" and just fell in love with it. They are a Japanese jazz-fusion band but the song has this Indian vibe to it that makes it extremely unique to listen to. I couldn't really find an official website for the band but you can go HERE. It's the closest I could find but it's in Japanese. "Babelfish" can translate it for you. I also included lyrics, for those like me who like to attempt to sing the song!!


shuuchuu dekitenai na
mada karada ga mayotteiru nda
furueteita nja
kontorooru shitatte bureru nda

taiyou mo tsuki mo nanmo kanzen ni
kotchi muite inai ga
"yaru shika nai nda!" iikikaseru you ni
sou tsubuyaita

joukyou wa warui ga
tada nigedasu nja konjou nai naa
tenbou wa nai ga
dokyou de kuria suru shika nai ya

shoudou wa osaeta mama
taagetto to no kankaku sagure
hitsuyou na mon wa katsu puraido

ajiwau no wa shouri no bishu ka
soretomo haiboku no kujuu ka
sou subete wa futatsu ni hitotsu
ayatsuritai unmei no ito

zekkou no gooruden taimu kono te de tsukame
konshin no pookaafeisu kimete shikakeru yo
iryuujon no sekai e hikizurikonde
saigen nai puresshaa geemu sururi to nukete
eikou no boodaarain tobikoeru tame ni
hau menii? dorekurai no daishou ga iru?
tebanashitaku nai mon wa dore?

ron yori shouko nanda
you wa kekka o dashita mon ga shousha da
chinmoku wa kin da
kuchi ga sugireba bareru nda

kankaku o togisumashite
shinchou ni nagare o yomikire
genjou no shouritsu nanpaasento?

kachiwaru no wa kenjitsu na geemu sensu
hisomu kageboushi wa akuma ka
otoko naraba
isagiyoku chitteyaru kurai no kakugo de idome

gyakkyou no kurappu yua hanzu furuitatasete
zanshin na faitingu sutairu girigiri o semero
atenshon! abunai ze genkai koete
saikou no feariiteiru rekishi ni kizame
kanshou no shunkan o misetsukeru tame ni
aa yuu redi? kugumotta mayoi nado sute
baberu no kaidan o agare

megami no you ni emi o ukaberu
kimi no miryoku ni toritsukarete
sasowareru mama ochiteiku
kokoro ni sumitsuita yokubou
fukureagaru hate naki yume
daremo boku o, tomerarenai

zekkou no gooruden taimu kono te de tsukame
konshin no pookaafeisu kimete shikakeru yo
iryuujon no sekai e hikizurikonde
saigen nai puresshaa geemu sururi to nukete
eikou no boodaarain tobikoeru tame ni
hau menii? dorekurai no daishou ga iru?

gyakkyou no kurappu yua hanzu furuitatasete
zanshin na faitingu sutairu girigiri o semero
atenshon! abunai ze genkai koete
saikou no feariiteiru rekishi ni kizame
kyougaku no daigyakuten karei ni kimeru yo
du yuu nou? unmei wa ubaitoru mono

baberu no choujou ni sasu hi no hikari o abiro

April 20, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 4 Version A

Thank you for voting on Scene 4! If you are still interested in this story and want it to continue please vote in the poll, on the right hand corner! This one is going to last a bit longer than 4 days because my classes are coming to a close and I need to study. That also means that this story will not be finished by April but that's okay it's really starting to get interesting.

- Scene 4 version A -

“We ran….I didn’t know what we were running from or running to. But as long as I had life-size Pin with me I was okay.” Red thought to herself

The wolf’s body caught the shine of the moon, making his blue-ish black fur illuminate, his feet stomped into the ground in haste to reach the destination. He looked over every now and again to affirm the child was still at his side. As if knowing his thoughts she would let out a panted “I’m still here Pin.” They continued running till they came to a small shack. Red stopped realizing how much she had run. Her legs wobbled before giving away to exhaustion.

Red casted a glance at Pin, there was an eerie silence now since they had stopped. Life size Pin walked over to the cabin door and pointed his nose at the handle. Red crawled to the door, unable to stand. She outstretched her hand as far as it would go wrapping her tiny fingers around the handle. It opened without much effort.

Pin nodded again for her to go into the cabin. Red complied and crawled the small distance into the cabin before loosing consciousness. Pin cocked his head at the small and the tired body. He walked out side, eyes looking up at the moon….

------------------ Next morning ------------------

Red awoke in a tiny make shift bed. A slender man was in the corner starring at her. Red sat up startling the man.

“Where is Pin?” asked Red sleepy eyed
“Pin?” asked the confused man
“Yeah, he’s my wolf!” answered Red

The man smiled and let out a quick laugh, his black hair fell over his eyes. He pressed his back against the wall and slide up into a standing position. Red pulled the small afghan away letting her tired legs be encased in cold air.

“He is your wolf.” Stated the man, “but his name is not Pin.”

Red looked annoyed at the man; how dare he tell her what the name of her wolf was or not. Seeing the look the small girl gave him he sat down on the opposite end of the bed.

“Red… I have a lot to tell you.”

April 18, 2010

Equal exchange

I've been watching the new version on FMA: Brotherhood. And for my fellow anime fans if you watched the original that came out and were disappointed when they completely fell away from the manga story then you will be very happy because in Brotherhood they have pretty much nailed it to the original story. Here is the opening...Starts out slow, gets better at the end!

April 16, 2010

I will hold your hand...

I take friendship seriously...I guess that's why i get hurt a lot but i'm not here to talk about that. I hate to see those close to me upset or hurt. It breaks my heart and I feel so helpless until said person feels better. I want to hug them, dry the tears, and tell them it's going to be okay...don't worry I promise it will be alright. I want to take away all the pain and just jam it into a bottle, throw it into the ocean with a weight attached to it. Please dry the tears, please...I don't know what to do but I will sit here with you in the dark, i'll let you have my arm to cry into, and i will sit there until you want me to move. I will hold onto you tight and let you know that someone truly cares about you.

(Photo found on Weheartit.com)

April 15, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 3 Version B

Polls are closed and the winner was "B". Thanks again for voting and keeping this random story going. The Tale of Red has certainty taken a huge turn! What will happen next time? Find out by voting in the poll to your right!

"Scene 3 Version B"

In the shadows of the woods glowed two yellow eyes. The barrier of glass between the living room and the outside seemed so fragile…so breakable. The eyes came closer and closer to the window. It stopped just short enough to fog the glass with its warm breathe.

Needles, Red, and Axe stood up cautiously; they looked at the figure staring back at them. The creature bent its neck back and let out a long beautiful note. Red starred in awe that the beast. Axe wasn’t sure about the new creature only feet away. Axe grunted and tugged on Red’s sleeve.

“Come on Red, let’s go get some ‘ore sweets.” Beckoned Axe

Red never looked away from the beauty that stood before her. Axe irritated from the silent rejection made his way alone to the kitchen. Red let out a long note deep from with in her throat. The figure tilted its head to the side. Together they sang…. A song only few know.

“Red don’t go any where, I’m going to go get a camera.” Needles gasped as she ran up the stairs

Time seemed to slow as the beast ran full speed at the window, cascading with the clear barrier…. Crack…

Red felt a ting of pain on her cheek as the window shattered and tiny shards flew in her direction. She released her grip and let go of Pin. She raised her hand…. It starred at the young child with a sharp tooth grin….

Needles ran back when she heard the sound of glass breaking. She stopped at the landing looking at the carnage of broken glass beneath the window and little drops of blood on the floor.

“RED!!!, AXE!!” screamed Needles while running through the house.

She stopped when she made it back to the living room, not sure where to run next. A moan came from near the grandfather clock that towered in the corner. Needles ran to the noise and found Axe curled into a ball on the floor. She turned him over, patting her hands over the body to find if the drops of blood came from the small boy. She found no blood but a large bruise on his rib.

“Axe, where is Red?” question Needles in a calm but pushing voice
Axe moaned something inaudible…
“Axe, please…where is Red?” pleaded Needles

“She went with the wolf…”

April 14, 2010

Time for some change...

I have a pretty awesome family, and I'll tell you why. I have been in school for a long time. I never took a break between high school and College, just went straight into it. I was always given the impression that if you don't go right away and you take a break you will never go back. Well I'm not a straight A student but I have always made good grades in school. This past semester has had me pulling my hair out. I haven't been doing well, I really suck at languages. I'm taking Spanish 2 and I need it to graduate but it's not agreeing with me so to speak.

I am a stressful person, I care about what everyone thinks. I get so on edge I have panic attacks and this has only started happen this past year so... I decided I want to take a break, one semester off to just relax and think seriously about where I want my life to go.

and my family has my back, they all think it's a good idea mainly because I think they have seen truly how stressed out and sick i've become over this whole year. I have learn, actually through blogger and the lovely people I've met on here that taking a break isn't a bad thing, it doesn't mean your weak, it just means that I need to slow down and evaluate what it is I want to do and if i'm doing what i need to achieve it.

When I got the okay from everyone I just felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, I felt free...I felt happy. I realized just how much I really wanted and needed this break.

April 13, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Michael Franti and Spearhead caught my attention with their new song "Yell Fire!". It's a reggae rock song about pretty much everything that is going on in the world today. Michael is an outspoken supporter of human rights. In 2000 he decided to stop wearing shoes (unless needed i.e. on a plane) I do not know why or what it signifies other than him giving up a want/need. Below is the song "Yell Fire!" the lyrics are in the video. Hope you enjoy and Have a great Tuesday!

P.s. I started a new blog "The Curvy Potato".

April 12, 2010


I LOVE a trumpet. It is like someone bottled sex and put it in brass form. Yes you read me right. I went to a few jazz shows last year and could not ignore the guys who played the trumpet. They would put everything into playing, you could almost hear the trumpet just screaming...like at any second the instrument will just explode. The intensity is just amazing, and I love it. The look on the musicians face while their playing, the way they sway their bodies, or stomp their feet to sync with the beat is just intriguing. le sigh...

Question: What is your favorite musical instrument to listen to and/or play.

April 11, 2010

Never say goodbye...

When I was young I always wanted to go to Never Land. I didn't want to grow up...I wanted to be a child forever and have adventures with my best buddy. I never wanted to "slow down". I never wanted to get sick. I never wanted to be sad. but now that i'm older I don't want to go...or well I would but i'd come back...who passes up a chance to go to never land?

Question: Did you ever want to go to Never Land?

April 10, 2010

Movie Review : The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Last night I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with my boyfriend. I remember wanting to see it when I first caught wind of it. But when Heath Ledger passed away, being one of the main characters, the production was halted. For a while I thought they would simple cut their losses and stop but they decided we will shoot certain scenes where he goes inside the imaginarium with different actors. That led to the casting of Jude Law, Colin Farrell, and of course Johnny Depp! The changing of faces was to show how he was "two-faced" or how other people really wanted him to be. Because one of the main rules was "two people don't go inside at the same time". They can...and it happens often through the film. The problem is one person's imagination will over come the other weaker one.

The main plot of the story is Doctor Parnassus bets with Mr. Nick, he's the devil so to speak, and when he was younger bet any child he bore would become Nick's property at the ripe age of 16, guess who's turning 16 in two days VALENTINA!!! Parnassus's daughter, go figure. Mr. Nick being a true betting man strikes him another deal that the first to 5 souls wins Valentina. Now I want to throw something out to you if you ever get the compulsion to watch this fantasy film. You'll see rather soon I think that Mr. Nick, the devil, is not evil. He's actually for the most part, aside from betting, a good guy...GASP! Yes it's true.

Good points; I absolutely loved the casting they did, the graphics and costumes were just out of this world. It had fresh faces (new actors)

Bad points: I thought they did so well through the whole film and then they got to the ending and just...gave up. The whole story, in my opinion, just seems to fall apart. I don't want to get into detail because if any of you do want to watch it the ending won't be ruined for you. But if you watch it and the ending isn't fabulous...you at least expected it.

I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10!

April 8, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 2 Version C

Thanks again lovelies for voting and choosing how this story will mysteriously go. If it wasn't for you this story would go no where, literally. I'll have the next post up soon but It will only last for 4 days instead of 7. I would like to finish the story in April but if we don't that's fine. It just seemed like seven days was a long time for the poll to be up.

P.s. I had a lovely lady ask me about the other versions, when this story is over I will post the other versions. I just didn't want anyone to get confused about which was the actual story. but you will get to see those later.

Did I ever tell you people that you keep me sane? Well you do, so pat your self on the back because you're awesome!


“Ello, Needles!” smirked Axe

Axe was a red headed spit fire of a boy. If it was worth doing he did it vigor. He made his way to the living room in search of his buddy. Red and Axe were more than two peas in a pod they were like both sides of a coin. Once they got together they were hard to pull apart.

“Waauuuuwwaaa”, cheered Axe as he surveyed Needles handy work, “This is brilliant!”

“Why thank you, Mr. Axe.”, said Needles quite classy, “We are having a faerie tale picnic, how about you be the prince?”

“Aww yuck, why do I ‘ave to be the prissy prince for?” argued Axe

“Oh nooo, Axe your wrong a prince is noble and adventurous!” stated Red

“mmm, well I am that and more.. Alright then. But only if Red gets to be the princess.” Said Axe

Needles, taking no offense, nodded her head and waved her arms in a magical chanting way.

They spent the rest of the night battling cardboard swords, dancing weird waltzes, and climbing on imaginary chair-like mountains. Needles was everything from a witch queen, to a dragon. After the sugar rush had slowly dissipated they laid on the floor starring at the ceiling in a daze. Quietness took over the room…

when a tapping came from the window

Panic drives me

Point one: My boyfriend and I have been in a “rut” lately so we had a talk last night, said things the other didn’t want to hear, and said things that we ourselves didn’t want to hear either. I have been very depressed lately, college is literally killing me. I am the type of person who stresses about everything but I can’t help it. I really can’t I want my brain to shut up but it won’t. I’ve had more panic attacks in the past few months than I have in my whole life. I have been sick for a long time and it just adds to it.

“I love to press my forehead on cold things…like metal.”

Point two: I took a bath last night in the dark. It was right before sunset and I loved it. The only light came in from the window and it was very dim. I think you should try it.

“that hurt”
“did it hurt because it’s true”
“it just hurt.”

Point three: It’s been raining since last night, I keep waking up….one time the wind was blowing so hard and loud it sounded like a vacuum. It rained softly and then heavy interchanging. Sweet sticky smells are coming into my room… I woke up feeling dehydrated, quite strange to wake up with a cool breeze but feel dried out on the inside.

“do you hear it??”
“ yeah, I think it’s coming from over here though”
“nooo, it’s coming from down there”

Point four: a really weird noise kept reoccurring last night, It sounded just like a goose. But then it went away and came back around 2am….and I noticed that while it did sound like a goose it started sounding like a dog too… I don’t know what it was

“Thank you”

Point five: My grandmother bought my a plant… I hope to keep the poor thing alive but I’m not that much of a botanist. It’s not really my forte. So we shall see…post pictures later.

“what I want and what I do is completely different”

Point six: I think having purple hair would be so awesome, I actually have thought about getting a tattoo but not of a picture. It would be a set of numbers that were special to me or a dream catcher sense I have so many nightmares… I want to travel but it’s just not in the cards right now.

P.s. The Scene 2 poll will close in a few hours so I will be posting the winning scene at midnight my time. It will also count for tomorrow post unless something more exciting comes along.

Photos found on Weheartit.com

April 7, 2010

Color Super Nova

I've been craving colors and patterns recently. I decided instead of the Magazine I would go on a small shopping spree to help fill up my closet again, since I threw out clothes that didn't fit anymore or worn/stained. I hope to find things fairly similar to these!

April 6, 2010

Tune Tuesday

WHY? is an indie band that Jonathon Wolf started around 2005. What makes them different is the other styles they throw in; hip hop and folk. In a way I feel more like they are telling me a story than singing me a song. The two wolf brothers were born from a Jewish family. "Before his first year in high school, Wolf discovered an old 4-track in his father's synagogue and began to experiment musically. His forays into rapping, drumming, and poetry followed."

My favorite so far is "The Hollows"! Also you can see tour dates if you click "WHY?" above. I believe they are mostly in Europe right now, but will be coming back to America later this year.


As I lay me down to fall asleep
with my demons dying
and my pilot light weak,
I curse the last six months
I've been hiding behind a mustache, yeah.
And to those last 10 years
I've been howling a paper moon.
Well fuck you.

This goes out to all my underdone
and undertongued,
long-longed frontment.
(This is what the ghost of someone's dad says)
And all us earth growths,
some planted,
And some pulled
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is.)

You shine a flashlight in
a hat box and spin,
an empty oyster shell,
and celebrate the hollows.

This goes out to dirty dancing, cursing,
back-masking, back-slitting pastor's kids.
(From behind bars its not so hard to see he's risen.)
And all us earth growths,
some planted,
And some pulled.
Nobody finds god and then goes to prison.)

In Berlin I saw two men fuck
in the dark corner of a basketball court.
Just a slight jingle
of pocket change pulsing.

In the tourist park I lost 50 euros
to a guy with the walnut shells
and the marble.
it really pissed me off
so eww, I thought I'd go back
to get my money,
but all my homies warned me,
"oh no, those gypsies probably
got knives."

This goes out to all my under-brewed,
double duped, two time truthfuls.
(Stop thinking a phone call
or text is too complicated.)
And all us earth growths,
some planted,
(Like a married uncle at a family function.)
And some pulled.

I got them shaky gums and a couple of loose tooths.
Now tell me what should I do?
My God, the clock's always
stuck tellin' 11:11, at 3:32.

This goes out to all to my under-done,
under-tongued blung-wunged frontmen.
And all us earth growths,
some planted,
and some pulled

This goes out to my under-tongued, over-done, long-longed frontmen.
(This is what the ghost of someone's dad says.)
And all us earth growths doin' the croak
like it ain't no joke.

In a crowded room projected debonair
aloof impermanance
he shrouded loosely
in a heavy air of indeterminates.

April 5, 2010

I'm pickin' up bad vibrations...

The other day I drove my father to a friend's house, the friend was having motorcycle troubles and had asked for his help. Dad cranked up the bike and made it go as loud as it could. Me not being the machanical prodigy of the family stood behind the bike. I got the full force of the noise. My ear drums litterally vibrated. It was one of the most unique and un-wanted feelings I've ever had. And me trying to be the cool one tried to hold out as long as I could with out putting my hands over my ears...Then after not being able to take the auditory assault any longer I covered my ears. Dad noticed and stopped the bike. "You shouldn't stand behind the bike, stand over here..." Really? You...you couldn't have warned me earlier???

Lesson for the day, don't stand behind a motorcycle!

Question: What is one body part you hate to get touched or tickled? (I.e. Ears, stomach, hips, feet)

April 4, 2010


I found this on "Little Miss Obsessive" the other day. I was thinking about how when we are younger and you make up your "Perfect" guy. But when you get older you slightly forget that but go with the flow of "oh he's cute, I think he winked at me...GAH" instead 1. blue eyes - check, 2. Black hair - check, 3. Nose ring - check, 4. British accent? No, shucks so close... get the picture?? Not to say women will go for anything that happens to smile their way but we don't have to have that "perfect" guy we dreamed up when we were 13 either.

(I did this in accordance to watch Jodi is, because in reality I find many different people visually attractive)

1. brown hair | black hair | blonde hair | red hair
2. tall | short | same height as you
3. ear piercings | eyebrow piercings | snake bites | no piercings | other
4. tattoos | no tattoos | idgaf
5. skater | punk | player | indie | cowboy | musician | prep | jock | other
6. shy | outgoing | in between
7. mellow | hyper | loud | quiet
8. blue eyes | brown eyes | green eyes | grey eyes | violet eyes
9. wears tight jeans | wears normal jeans | other
10. converse | vans | nikes | skate shoes | other
11. listens to: metal | rap | indie | classic rock | country | all | other
12. compliments too much | compliments when necessary
13. jokes around all the time | jokes when necessary
14. sensitive | hides emotion | acts tough
15. hobbies: computer | music | skating | sports | drawing | fishing | other
16. loves to hold | loves to be held
17. tons of muscles | fit | skinny | chubby
18. pale | average | tan | dark
19. cusses a lot | never cusses | moderately cusses | only cusses around friends | who even gives a fuck
20. wavy hair | curly hair | straight hair | long hair | Shaggy hair | short hair

April 3, 2010

Your Lying...

Have you ever for just one day wanted a super power? Maybe flying, strength, talk to animals, morph, or move things with your mind? Well if I was allowed a power for 1 day it would be telepathy. I would want to know what people really thought about me or if they were lying. Yeah I know that kind of sounds bad because I should trust people not to lie to me but sometimes you ask someone something and they don't tell you the whole truth. Or I would just want to know what someone was randomly thinking...probably why the power gods haven't bestowed me with the power....i'd abuse it.

Question: If you could have one super power for one day what would you chose? Also go HERE for a list of different super human abilities!!

P.s. I'm participating in NaBloPoMo for the month of April, Posting everyday for 1 month! AND VOTE FOR SCENE 2 IN THE INTERACTIVE STORY "RED"!!
(Photo found here)

April 2, 2010

In the eye of the beholder...

Sometimes I get asked the question, "What actress do you think is pretty?" I always have a hard time answering because I find many people attractive. But I was thinking the other day and she popped into my head. This drop dead gorgeous girlie is Rachelle Lafevre. I first noticed her in an episode of CSI (I swear I think everyone has been in CSI, even you but you probably didn't know it). She was playing a Laywer by day and dominatrix by night. She has been in much more since then and some of you might notice her from the tween sensation Twilight as one of the bad guys.

Question: What actresses do you find attractive or pretty?

April 1, 2010

Blogger of the Month - April

It's the beginning of a new month and you know what that means don't you? It's time for a new Blogger of the month! April's blogger is Namine from the groovy and stylish "Clutter Box". Namine is one of the nicest people on blogger. She is so sweet and recently participated in Nablopomo, which you will read more about below. She also has other blogs from book reviews to about her ever changing style. So go do yourself a favor and go check out her page!

How or why did you start blogging?
I started blogging on a site called GaiaOnline. I had always written in a diary, but that was my first online experience. I started writing there when Mr and I were first dating, so there was lots of 'fun' stuff in that notebook. Since then, I have completely removed that diary from the internet ( though I still have a copy). I started blogging as a way to help work out my emotions. During the first two years of Mr and I dating there was lots of drama and crazyness, writing helped me work through things easier.
random thought - Gaia is actually where I got the name I use now Namine.

You participated in NaBloPoMo for march, how was it?
I love participating in things. Though I feel like there is never enough time to do everything. I wasn't able to write everyday about the topic for the month (it was ties, I believe)

In what way would you say blogging has helped you?
Blogging has helped me meet tones of different people, that I otherwise won't get to meet. I also have a better understanding of myself, I know I can get through things. I also love blogging because it keeps track of things for me, like date nights with Mr, and all my goals. Before I would just forget about my goal lists until I randomly started cleaning and found it. Now I am actually keep track of goals and seeing what I can accomplish. It's nice to see things happening!!

What advise would you give to bloggers just starting out?
Write for yourself, not for the crowd. Followers and comments are great, but you have to write for you and not depend on other people.

Have you ever met some of your blogger friends in person?
I haven't yet. I missed the Calgary met up. But hopefully someday soon.

What are your favorite websites to visit everyday?
Oh, I love google reader, my list is so long. When I am at work though I visit
Ashley's Closet
Under the Sheets-shh
Captivate Me
Lelya's Room
La Mimi
When I am at home, not including comics because I have about ten of those that I check I read.
Low Expectations
One Minute Writer
Love Maegan
Made with Love
and I could keep going. My google reader probably has about a 100 in the list, that I try to read and comment on daily.

Can you list come of your favorite tunes to sway to?
Well, during our trip the band we listen to the most was Three Days Grace. But that's not much of a music to sway to. I like anything HipHop ish, no screamo. I really don't have a specific artist come to mind. I don't usually know artist. I like the new one by Lady Antebellum - Need you now

Is there something you are really looking forward too?
Mr and I are taking my little siblings this week to a movie. How to Train A Dragon. It will be their first 3D movie. I am sooo excited about it. It will be fun, not only because I really wanna see the movie, but because we get to take my sibs to it and give my parents a 'date night' (something they haven't had in a while). I hope to be able to do something like this once a month.

If your style had a name what would it be?
I asked a co-wored about this one. We decided on Moody. Somedays I am all dressed up to the nines (curly hair,makeup, etc), other days it's sweat pants and a tank top and then there's funky days. How I dressed purely reflects my mood and amount of sleep

Besides Blogging what are some other passions of yours?
Makeup, hair, photography, photoshop. I would love to take a makeup course so I know how to do other people. I miss doing hair so much (I went to school for hair). I love doing photo's (photoshoots, whatever works!) especially with Cheers for Life http://www.rebelclick.blogspot.com/

Extra Question: If you could have a $1,000 gift card to any store which would it be?
this is a hard one.. I would probably say to Knickers and Lace