April 30, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar

The other night I watched James Cameron's Avatar. I was really reluctant to watch it. When I first caught wind of it, I was all over watching it but then it became this huge "have to" see movie and I don't usually like those. Then recently new stories of how fans had watch the movie only to wake up the next day depressed about their lives and nothing they did would ever be close to the movie. right....

So Jodi and I watched it and visually it was amazing....and that's about it. There was one scene that I cracked up about. They start sending the "planes" out and this guy is outside the window routing them on when all of a sudden he get's slapped by the wind of the planes and he almost falls over and he loses his hat. Now the funny part is the planes aren't real so I wonder what made him really jerk like that...

bad parts: The voices...script sucked "yeah, yeah you better run, yeah go get your friends, i'll take em' on"

Another thing I want to bring up is that we've all seen this story before!!! It's called Pocahontas.... "What??? Stephanie surely you're mistaken?"

No, think about it.... Pocahontas "white man finds new land and wants it's resources, finds out there are natives, try to be friendly and get in with them, when that doesn't work they just try to kill them all, the guy who was the go-between "john smith" almost dies but Pocahontas saves him by jumping over his body. He learns the ways of the native people..

Avatar is the same story just instead of native Americans it's blue people, not new adventurers but the american army, instead of John Smith it's Jake Sully (Holy crap their initials are the same..tsk tsk), and instead of Pocahontas it's Neytiri

so is it this amazing story??? I don't think so. Visually yes it's spectacular but story wise...not that original.

P.s. My "Box Office" list has been updated if you want to check out the new movies I am looking forward to seeing!


  1. I agree with everything you just said....except I had thought it was like District 9.

  2. I completely agree. Visual, bravo, everything else, blah.

  3. You have just confirmed my very suspicions about this movie! I never really got excited about wanting to see it for some reason...maybe because it seemed a bit science fiction-y, and that doesn't appeal to me much?
    Ah yes, I have heard others drawing comparisons to Pocahontas too- so it must be a pretty obvious likeness! That is a bit of a bummer. I really like original storylines, but it seems this film lacks that! I will probably watch it eventually out of curiosity, but, yeah, I suspected it would be all about the visuals.It's a shame, because if the plot was as compelling as the visual element then it would've been one amazing movie!