January 28, 2010

Hurt Locker

I finally got around to watching Hurt Locker and it has definitely made my top movie list. It's sad, intense, and dramatic. It's not so sad that it will make you cry, but it is a heart breaker. The intensity is what got me though, it almost sucks you in, "What's he going to do, OH bezeesus he did not!!" So I give a definite thumps up.

I would also like to add that the main actor, Jeremy Renner, is a very sexy man.

OH just look at that face...

wait, Jeremy your belt is around your neck what's holding up your pants?

Hot damn.. O. O

yes, I can have a stupid actor crush too! hahahaha I have others. I might enlighten you about later.

P.s. I know when I give a review it's usually a good one. That's because when I don't like something it doesn't mean that someone else won't. And I would hate to write hay don't watch this movie and then they miss out. It's one of those you need to try it out for your self things. So unless a special circumstance pops up, I won't do bad reviews.

January 26, 2010

Tune Tuesday

The Midnight Masses tunes can be described as having a little soul added in. I don’t know much about them, i.e. where they started. But if you would possibly want to go see them they are play in Brooklyn until February 24.

If you want to find out more about tour dates, how to get free tunes, OR how you can buy their new song “Red Ribbon” and chose your price to pay. All the proceeds from buying that song with go to the National Aids Fund or the Gay/Lesbian Alliance against Defamation. GO HERE!

The Song I like most is actually when they grouped together with The End of Days. So if you want to check out The End of Days go HERE. My Favorite so far is Redemption Rain.

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(Could not find Lyrics)

P.s. A dear friend of mine has started her blog, Hassles of a Young Psychologist. On Mondays she will be doing a Musical Monday. Double the dose of music for you! Go HERE to check her out.

January 24, 2010

"Like ants making thunder".

Taking Woodstock is not like the original Woodstock movie filled with scenes of music and bands. Taking Woodstock is centered more around the story of Elliot, the young man who contacted Michael Lang when they were kicked out of their first location. Elliot’s land was too small and close to that of a swamp. He ended up taking them to the dairy farmer down the street, Max. Many people were disappointed by the film because they thought it was going to be a remake of the original movie. So if you watch this just erase that thought from your head.

It Is actually a good film. You get to see a different side of the story from this man’s point of view and how it affected his life in the end. I will warn you that towards the ending it gets really sad. I couldn’t help from feeling bad for Elliot and his father.

Another thing I really liked about the film is that they really captured what every thing looked like. As you can see the detail they put into the outfits. I also think they casted their actors very well.

The actors they chose to play Michael and Trish were spot on! I mean just look at the detail in the outfits, it's all there. I was very impressed. The picture above is actually them. The photo below are the actors.

For those out there that have actually watched the original Woodstock movie and know it has multiple shots per scene because they had so much film and good footage they didn’t want to cut it out. Well they do that once or twice in Taking Woodstock, when the crowds start coming and set up begins. That was just like icing on the cake for me.

This is an R movie and It plays out like an indie film (don't know if that's what the director was going for)
Nudity and not just breasts once in a while I mean male and female full frontal nudity.

January 22, 2010

A really simple meal??

I'll be honest I have never done one of these "how to meals" or what not. But I wanted to try it since I have been lacking in the blogging lately.

So here we go......wait!

Tip one: If your diabetic...don't add more sugar..
Tip two: if you tend to get heart burn when eating past put milk in the sauce
tip three: upcome may differ hahaha

1: Put water into pot.

2. put a small amount of salt into your water. Helps with taste.

3. Get your desired noodles!

4. Break noodles in half. Some people don't like to break them but let them hang out of the pot. I don't like to do it because there is a risk of having burnt noodles.

5. Put noodles in water and I cook mine on medium high.

6. I started at 11:52 am.

7. Time for the sauce! Yes I do make a lot of pasta.

8. Get a second pan out.

9. put sauce in the pan, cooking at between warm and low, I like to put half a teaspoon of sugar in my sauce.

10.......put sugar in the pan (got a little ahead of my self there)

11. I also like to add a little extra garlic powder to mine.

12. Did I mention a little?

13. Just sit and wait for the pot to boil.

14. Oh look it's time to check the noodles!

15. And look they are done. Let me repeat they are DONE, not al dente or raw..they are soft and DONE.

16. Get a strainer and drain the noodles.

17. I like to put the noodles back in the pot I boiled them in (not on the stove..off to the side some where)

18. get the sauce and pour on top of the noodles.

19. Mix...stir....which ever word you like.

20. Get your favorite toppings ready. yes I love Parmesan.

21. I put an un-godly amount on my noodles...

Ok well there you go, it's quite simple to make pasta. If you guys like these really simple how-do's then I'll continue but um other wise...we'll never speak of this again. :)

January 20, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Err okay I know it's a day late, my bad but I was exhausted yesterday with cleaning and classes I didn't have the time. But here is Elliott Brood and it's a three man band. They started in Ontario, Canada. The band has personally named their style Death country, it definitely has that slight twang to it that Mumford & Sons has.

You can go HERE to their myspace to listen to some more music, see tour dates, and look at more photos. My personal favorite so far is "Cadillac Dust". I like to listen to it when I'm slightly mad, not pissed off but just slightly irritated.

"Can't find lyrics"

January 17, 2010

Color Change?

I wrote a post earlier about completely changing my room out. But i've been thinking about the color palette. I am kind of afraid of colors because I once painted my room lime (neon) green. So my room has been brown for 7 years. I need a change. So I'm going to take a risk and try something new. I'm going to paint 3 walls white and one wall a color. This will not make it so BOOM I guess is what i'm going for. Then I thought about painting my closet a bright color.

This photo right here is what i'm basing my ideas off of. Of course i'll have my own spin on it but I just love the whole look of the room.

Question: What is the weirdest color you have ever painted your room?

January 12, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Sorry this is late but um it's still technically Tuesday!!

"Be your own pet" is wow I don't know how to describe them, they are really happy go lucky and high on sugar. I have been listening to a lot of soft almost sad music for the past week or two so I wanted to listen to something with an up beat. After a tour in England they broke up, grr Don't you hate that when you find a band only to learn they split.

The song that I like most from them (it's that song that you don't like to admit you like, it might pop up on your playlist or ipod and you deny even downloading it) Anywho I do, I like it and it gets stuck in my head. It's called "Adventure"!!

If you want to find out more about them you can click on their name above or click here to go to their MYSPACE.


We are adventuring, we are adventurers
And in the heart of Nepal we ran into trouble
And he's caught sight of our elegant rubble
And they ransacked our camp without saying goodnight

Okay so yeah it's cool
Cos we're like, adventurers

We are adventuring, we are adventurers
We've been to every place anywhere in the world
We are adventuring, we are adventurers

We are adventuring we are adventurers
And in the fall it was blazing hot
Below the equator, the sunlight would start
We travelled through jungles and the tigers we've fought

It's all cool you know
Cos we're like, adventurers

We are adventuring, we are adventurers
We've been to every place anywhere in the world
We are adventuring, we are adventurers

Castles and causeways and long stays and highways
Castles and causeways and long stays and highways
Castles and causeways and long stays and highways

We are adventuring, we are adventurers
We've been to every place anywhere in the world
We are adventuring, we are adventurers

Oh we're having such fun, all the wonders we've seen.

January 9, 2010

Book Review: A Wolf At The Table

I started reading his memoir, about his father, yesterday morning and I finished last night. I could say that I have been stuck in my home for two days now it it's all I had to do but no. I literally got sucked in from page one; The intensity, sadness, depression, corruption, and even a touch of psychotic. I gave it a 5 out of 5.

The only slightly negative thing is i'm left with this extreme sadness. I don't know, It's almost as if someone you have never met emailed you really long email about how their dad was like that of a monster and destroyed the family. What do you do after that? There will never be a sit down where you tell them i'm so sorry or give them a hug because you feel like they might need one... You are just left sitting in your bed with the memories of their past.

January 8, 2010

A Fabled Romance?? Cheese Factor Uber High

Okay so a really cool artist named Poppy did a post about what is the hot new fantasy romance and wrote one of her own. Maggie Stiefvater, author of "Shiver", did a mini video using index cards. The mini video is about how Vampire-love fans want more than just a werewolf romance, which is what her book is about. So she points out the strange and random world of Kraken love! What is a kraken you may ask...well they look like this...

Poppy wrote her own love story which you can read HERE and asked if anyone would write their own impossible love story that would make their 14 year old self blush! So I thought why not I'll take a crack at it! Then I started thinking about it, err what did my 14 year old self like.

Then it hit me like a tennis racket, ANIME! I was into anime, still am but I was obsessive back then. So I choose to write a small cheesy romance fan story about me and Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. Le Sigh! What makes this love impossible besides the fact that HE'S NOT REAL, he lived in the Meiji era so he was dead long long long before I was born.

Uber Cheesy Romance Story
By: Stephanie
Starring: herself and Kenshin Himura

The cherry blossoms were slowing falling off the trees as the sun was barely visible over the horizon. Night was slowly upon the town. The war had been going on for a few years now; explosions, bloody screams, and clings of metal filled the night. No one went out at night... no one but those born to kill.

I'll never forget the night I met him, the sound of heavy breathing was outside my window. I slide open the door to see a collapsed body on my steps. He was wounded and his bleeding wouldn't stop. I threw his arm over my shoulder and squeezed beside him. We slowly walked inside the house where he succumbed to his exhausted and blood loss. I cleaned his wounds and gave him clean water every now and again. I kept one small candle going on the table. His defined brow and jaw stood out in the soft glow of the candle. Night passed and he barely opened his eyes. I brushed his bangs out of his face to get a better look.

He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me closer. His eyes were wild, the light of the candle added to his gaze. He wrapped his other arm around my waist and hugged me hard. He slipped his shirt off and began unwrapping his sash...


.....our breathing was still rapid and heavy, I rolled over and laid beside him. I awoke, after dozing off, to find myself alone. Tears streamed down my face, even though I had only met him I felt a huge connection to him. I wrapped my kimono around me and went to blow out the candle, where I found the note...

Wait for me...

The End!!

hahahahaha Well when I was 14 this would have definitely got my cheeks blushing. Any who I had fun with this! Hope everyone has a great and maybe romantic weekend!!