January 20, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Err okay I know it's a day late, my bad but I was exhausted yesterday with cleaning and classes I didn't have the time. But here is Elliott Brood and it's a three man band. They started in Ontario, Canada. The band has personally named their style Death country, it definitely has that slight twang to it that Mumford & Sons has.

You can go HERE to their myspace to listen to some more music, see tour dates, and look at more photos. My personal favorite so far is "Cadillac Dust". I like to listen to it when I'm slightly mad, not pissed off but just slightly irritated.

"Can't find lyrics"


  1. OMG girl this is so HoT! Thanks for this Hun :)

  2. I dig it! The banjo is an underrated instrument! Theses guys are cool.I like their grittiness :)