January 9, 2010

Book Review: A Wolf At The Table

I started reading his memoir, about his father, yesterday morning and I finished last night. I could say that I have been stuck in my home for two days now it it's all I had to do but no. I literally got sucked in from page one; The intensity, sadness, depression, corruption, and even a touch of psychotic. I gave it a 5 out of 5.

The only slightly negative thing is i'm left with this extreme sadness. I don't know, It's almost as if someone you have never met emailed you really long email about how their dad was like that of a monster and destroyed the family. What do you do after that? There will never be a sit down where you tell them i'm so sorry or give them a hug because you feel like they might need one... You are just left sitting in your bed with the memories of their past.


  1. I love what you wrote in that last paragraph.

  2. Thanks, I have been thinking about the book all day.


  3. Gosh. Now i sorta want to read it but am also a little scared of doing so....it sounds so..depressing! But also fascinating...hmmmm...I'll have to have something happy to read straight after it methinks! haha, like a kinda literary "chaser" :D

  4. You're right, Even if it's not a book...maybe a really happy movie or something because it is really heart breaking.