March 29, 2011

Look Alive

Well lovelies it's become apparent that I won't be able to completely finish my list before my 21st birthday. The final day is less than a month a way and I realistically don't see it happening. But that's okay because I will finish the list. The one I'm having trouble with is my bedroom. I wanted it to be the way I wanted. well it's looking more like this. I never wanted a "Bare" looking room or a minimalist style. I wanted more of an old bookstore feel. The walls covers, random objects, different patterns and textures. If my room looked anything like this room here I would be happy with it.

March 26, 2011


Check out, Meleonie, who tagged me to do a meme!

1. Food: good salad
2. Colour: any color
3. Animal: giraffe
4. Sports team: I don't have one :p
5. Dessert: ice cream in a waffle cone
6. Artist/Singer/Band: Silversun pickups
7. Shoes: Converse
8. Outfit: Skirt, Tank, and Cardigan
9. Skinny Jeans: I own a pair
10. Brand: Forever21
11. Perfume: SOAP haha
12. Accessory: necklace
13. City: Savannah, GA
14. Hobby: reading, sewing, crafting, sewing, blogging
15. Beauty product: Laura Geller
16. Snack: Kashi Pumpkin pecan bars
17. Holiday: Halloween
18. Movie: The Fall
19. Song: Journey - Seperate ways
20. Guilty pleasure: Tom's Sour Cream and Onion chips

March 17, 2011

Bloggers Day of Silence

Donate with Red Cross

Project Finished

I needed a place for my keys and what-nots, but i'm a cheap. Coat hangers cost anywhere from $7-10. So I went and found some cheap spoons. I got four for a dollar. Spray painted them flat black, Drilled a hole in the middle, and mounted them on the wall. Make sure if you do this project to check where your wiring is.

This project only cost me $1.08 because I already had a drill and black spray paint. If you don't have a drill this project is probably not going to be cheap and you would be better to just buy hangers from the store. Black spray paint is only 98 cents but in the US you have to be 18 to purchase it.

March 15, 2011

Tune Tuesday

I realize that I have missed a few Tune Tuesdays. I hope this makes up for it. The song this week is Crooked Legs from The Acorns. They're a Canadian band that started back in 2003. The Acorns have an indie folk sound that is easy and fun to listen to. Enjoy.

March 10, 2011

What I'm Working On

I am in the process of frosting my bedroom windows. I'll tell you why I chose this route. I have a cat ladies and gentlemen. One that loves to sleep on my window sill. When I had curtains she would shed on them and leave huge grey furry spots. Very noticeable. I left my curtains when I switched bedrooms, since my new one had blinds. She destroyed them. Broke them clean in half. So this seems like the best compromise. She can sleep on the sill and I don't have to work about constantly cleaning up after her. The down side though is that it's only an adhesive. In so many years it will peel off. But for $30 I think it's a great deal.

March 9, 2011

With Love...

Twenty one years ago to this day a brilliant and beautiful girl was born. She has traveled down roads with the wind blowing through her hair, Detached and reinvented herself, smiled and laughed with chosen few. She happens to be my best friend. Someone I have had the pleasure to know for around eight years. I detest that I can't give her hugs and wishes in person on this special day, but I hope that when she comes home those days be the best they can be.

March 4, 2011

Time Out

I realize I need to not rely on others so much. I try not to do things on my own because i'm afraid. I know I need to change. To stop waiting and do things on my own, by my self, and be independent. If I seem distant lately it's probably because i'm trying to figure out how to be my own person.

March 3, 2011


I seem to have missed Tune Tuesday. I've been fairly busy trying to get things in order and finished before their respected deadlines! There are a few I would like to do but I can't because my best friend reads this and I don't want to spoil her big day! But after I will fill you all in. Today I have a few trailers. I can't wait to see these movies.