March 17, 2011

Project Finished

I needed a place for my keys and what-nots, but i'm a cheap. Coat hangers cost anywhere from $7-10. So I went and found some cheap spoons. I got four for a dollar. Spray painted them flat black, Drilled a hole in the middle, and mounted them on the wall. Make sure if you do this project to check where your wiring is.

This project only cost me $1.08 because I already had a drill and black spray paint. If you don't have a drill this project is probably not going to be cheap and you would be better to just buy hangers from the store. Black spray paint is only 98 cents but in the US you have to be 18 to purchase it.


  1. Cute idea!!
    - Kez

  2. looks awesome!! Great Idea. 18 to buy spray paint?? Weird.

  3. shoot, this is so clever.
    also, new layout! I dig it.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Namine: Yes Its very aggravating, every time i buy it they card me. Apparently there is something in it....i don't know. It's rather silly

  5. its the gas before the paint comes out. it gets you high... and then messy.