March 29, 2011

Look Alive

Well lovelies it's become apparent that I won't be able to completely finish my list before my 21st birthday. The final day is less than a month a way and I realistically don't see it happening. But that's okay because I will finish the list. The one I'm having trouble with is my bedroom. I wanted it to be the way I wanted. well it's looking more like this. I never wanted a "Bare" looking room or a minimalist style. I wanted more of an old bookstore feel. The walls covers, random objects, different patterns and textures. If my room looked anything like this room here I would be happy with it.


  1. oh I love both these pictures!! I wish I had that many books! But because I don't I would do the top one.

  2. Though I like both rooms I can totally see you in the second room! Sounds just like your taste :)