March 31, 2010

Scene one "RED"

Since you all were so nice to vote and pick a winning start to "RED". I'm posting it right now! There will be another poll up soon so you can vote for scene 2! I'm not sure how many scenes there will be but we'll see when we get down that road. Hope you enjoy, excuse the grammar..

“BANZAI!” Giggled Red as she twirled her beloved stuffed toy.

His nose is worn, some of his threads are torn, and a slight stain on his paw from that amazing pirate party they had last summer. He has always been with her from day one. Her beloved wolf plushy, with whom she bestowed the name Pin.

“RED!!” screamed her frantic grandmother, “RED COME SEE THIS!”

Needles, Red’s granny, was still young at heart and mind. She had decorated the entire living room in faerie lights, glitter filled crinoline, and paper flowers. Not one inch was left untouched by her imagination. Satisfied with her self she smiled a triumphant grin that would make most serious guardians shiver with worry.

“Red, my little prodigy, lets have a picnic inside today” declared Needles

Red was having a giggle fit with all the lights and colors assaulting her eyes. She nodded and jumped in agreement while rushing to the kitchen. She grabbed a bowl bigger than her head and Pin’s combined. Thinking very hard and seriously on the matter, she started looking for the perfect foods to eat for their faerie tale themed picnic.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped when she opened the fridge

Dozens of different neon frosting covered cupcakes lined the first two shelves. Colors that would defy logic sat before her. She grabbed a tray and sat them near her bowl that still sat empty. Thinking on her feet she twirled towards the pantry for more goodies of the sweet kind.

“oooooh” she sang while her eyes searched

If it was sugary or chocolaty she grabbed in and crammed it into her bowl. Proud of the most certain sugar high they would get she started scooting the bowl to the living room. Needles gracefully stepped over her and headed towards the kitchen. She quickly mixed up some chocolate milk. While just finishing the chocolate masterpieces of liquid goodness… Axe walked in.

I think you are missing something?

recently my dad purchased a bag of potatoes, which is definitely not out of the norm for us. I reached in the other day to get a few spuds when I noticed what was on the bag. It was Toy Story! Then I noticed they where missing something. There was no potato-head! How can you have a toy story themed potato bag and not have potato head on it? I was baffled at what surely was a mistake. right?

What do you think? Should potato-head be on the bag or would that be kind of weird?

March 30, 2010

Tune Tuesday

I have been in high spirits this week or at least constantly trying to surround myself with good vibrations that I’m viewing this week as good! I was laying about when this song popped up on an indie radio station online. I screamed, “Jodi what’s that band?.” That’s when Tune Tuesday’s band was chosen. Yeah I bet you thought the picking process was more glamorous, nope not really. Sometimes it’s merely coincidence or what ever I happen to like that week. The band chosen is “Vampire Weekend” and their song “Cousins”. It’s a happy song and it makes me smile. The band originated in New York after they graduated from college. They did it as a side gig but it eventually grew into a full fledge band. You can go here to check out tour dates but hurry because they are selling out fast.

You found a sweater on the ocean floor.
They're gonna find it if you didn't close the door.
You and the smart one sit outside of their sight,
In a house on a street they wouldn't park on at night.

Dad was a risk taker, his was a shoe maker,
You, greatest hits 2006 little list maker.

Heard codes in the melodies, you heeded the call,
You were born with ten fingers, and you're gonna use em all.

Interest in colors I discovered myself.
If your art-life is gritty, you'll be toastin' my health.
If an interest in culture, you should be lining the walls,
When your birthright is interest, you could just accrue it all.

Me and my cousins, and you and your cousins,
It's a line thats always running.

Me and my cousins and you and your cousins,
I can feel it coming.

You can turn your back on the bitter world.
You can turn your back on the bitter world.
You can turn your back on the bitter world.
You can turn your back on the bitter world.

Me and my cousins, and you and your cousins,
It's a line thats always running.

Me and my cousins and you and your cousins,
I can feel it coming.

March 29, 2010


Ten books I most certainly want to read this year! I've been trying to steal away what time I can to read. But no such luck this semester. Hopefully this summer and fall I will have enough time to read. I love books and to go so long with out reading is equivalent to a tweaker with out meth...

1. Eighth grade bites
2. The Mysterious Benedict Society
3. Love Is a Mix Tape
4. Waiting for Normal
5. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
6. The Red Umbrella
7. How I Made It to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story
8. Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me
9. The Book of Awesome
10. One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

March 28, 2010


I am one of those people who hold in their bad feelings but on the down side I tend to hold on to them for a long time. So I need to let how I feel out. The other day was Jodi and I's 7th anniversary. We stopped by Wal-mart to get some drinks, while maneuvering to the back (there were a lot of people surrounding us and they are renovating the store) I grabbed his hand to lead the way through. This man comes up to us and puts a hand on Jodi's arm. He says "You two look good together."

I thought OMG IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY AND HE JUST SAID THAT. SQUEALS!!! but no...he kept talking. He proceeded with "you're pulling him through the store, making him carry everything (he was only carrying one bottle of mountain dew), eventually she'll make you carry the purse (I don't carry one) and then have to dress to match the purse....

I'm standing there in disbelief because HOW dare he randomly stop me in a food store and try to analyse who I am and what kind of relationship i have? No dude should have left it with "you look good together"... after that he just needed to shut his face.

P.s. PLEASE VOTE!! If you haven't I have three votes right now and each are for every option so if anything I just need one more vote!!! HURRY!!

(Photo found here)

March 27, 2010

The almost start of a beginning..

I mentioned before that I was going to do an interactive story for April, I have the first part ready to go I just need you guys and gals to vote! The poll is in the right bar on top. It's a complete surprise and depends on which story wins. Will it be A, B, or C?


The Winning story will be posted April 1st!!

March 26, 2010

"It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool."

I loved FLCL when Adult Swim started showing it late at night. It almost seemed like there wasn't a plot to it at all. It was completely crazy but in the end it came together, sort of. I was watching videos on youtube and came across this video. Instant favorite!!

March 25, 2010

Turn the page...

Recently I have been thinking about what I want for my birthday. Around two months ago a fellow blogger buddy was in a well known teen magazine. I went and picked up a copy but I've never bought a fashion magazine before, never really cared for them. Not that i don't like fashion, I do. I can never find one that matches my interests. I get tired of reading "10 ways to make a guy fall for you, 5 ways to get skinny." I've been looking for a magazine that is relevantly cheep but also is something I could look forward to.

P.s. Do any of you lovely people have any ideas or what is your favorite magazine (fashion or not)?

March 23, 2010

Tune Tuesday

It's Tuesday again, no surprise, and it's time for me to share with you a band that is new to me and maybe new to you. Her name is Marnie Stern. She's an american guitarist that has an unique style known as finger tapping. Her music is so different it's hard to describe, but i'm going to anyway. It's almost like a mental exercise if you actually follow the words. It is a song though trust me it just starts out slow and eventually builds up. One of my favorite songs is "Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling". I'm going to try and find most of my songs now on Youtube for your listening pleasure because I've had a few people not be able to play it when I use You can find this song on there though if you want to listen to a studio version instead of live.

Song Lyrics...

I am not looking to find a pot of gold
I will paint you a picture that's inside my head
First I must carve out a place
Picture yourself carving out a place in a room
Now look up there's the diamond ceiling
Look up now, this is what it sounds like

Around you is a solitude trilogy
And glass slippers are on your feet
When I say go
You'll here the solitude trilogy come in clearly
Now look down the glass slippers are on your feet
This is what they sound like as they meet
Now walk in the self-eaters
Their sound is much clearer
So you sit down and start to think of ideas of the north
But in walk the latecomers
They back shuffle forwards
Their sound is weird

I am not looking to find a pot of gold
The picture in my head is my reward

Around you is a solitude trilogy
And glass slippers are on your feet
When I say go
You'll here the solitude trilogy come in clearly
Now look down the glass slippers are on your feet
This is what they sound like as they meet
Now walk in the self-eaters
Their sound is much clearer
So you sit down and start to think of ideas of the north
But in walk the latecomers
They back shuffle forwards
Their sound is weird

See how easy to dream a scheme of sounds in your head
We must dream on. We must dream on
You see the pieces fall away from the outer shell
We must dream on. We must dream on

So you see, I am not looking to find a pot of gold
The picture in my head is my reward
The picture in my head is my reward

March 19, 2010

spin me a yarn...

I have been in a big writing mood these past few days so I was thinking of writing one of those stories where you get to the end of a scene and BAM!! You have to choose 1,2,or 3...and that determines the next scene in the story. Interested yet? Well you should be since it will be you guys who get to determine the story. I'm going to write three possible beginnings to a story that we all know well; "Little red riding hood". When I've written them I will have a poll in the upper right hand corner for you to choose either 1,2, or 3! It's all a surprise! Oh this will be exciting! This will be a project for April!

March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day

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The Secret of Kells



365 Postcard Project

Anyone love snail mail as much as I do? Well if anyone it's Kacy from the 365 postcard project. She needs 365 people to sign up and be the recipient of a unique postcard. I have already signed up along with a friend of mine. But she only has 44 addresses right now. If you want to participate all you have to do is send your name and mailing address to

To find out more you can go to her blog which she will update every day.

Also join the group on Facebook.

I wish Kacy the best of luck this, it really is a lovely endeavor she has started.

March 16, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Tune Tuesday's musican is Emiliana Torrini, thanks to Cuileann for sharing. Emiliana is icelandic and has a very angelic childlike singing style that I enjoyed. She has been featured in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. You can check her myspace for tour dates but she's mainly touring in Iceland right now. my favorite right now would be "Birds".

March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday / Music Flash Backs

Today is a special day for a dear friend of mine and since I won't be able to celebrate with her today (but later this week) I decided to do this post. She is very smart and when she sets herself to do something she does it right. Happy Birthday Jess!!! I loves you!

Okay and since is it Tune Tuesday I decided to do something different. These are a few of the songs that I liked during the 90s!! So let us reminisce or for those of my readers who might have been born in the later 90's find a cool song that you might like. It's all good... :D

P.s. What was a song you loved that came out in the 90s?

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March 8, 2010

Just Dance...and it'll be okay?

I was channel surfing last night and stopped on MTV's show America's Best Dance Crew. ABDC for short. I'm not a follower of the show but I do like to watch when I happen to catch it. Last night was the Lady Gaga Challenge and two bands really stuck out to me. What's really weird was the other day I commented on a fellow bloggers page about whether I liked Lady Gaga or not, which sorry dears I am indifferent to her. I don't hate her but I don't like her music either...except "Just Dance" I like that one.

Group 1: Heavy Impact
I love these guys they danced so good last night. I really give them thumbs up for being the size they are but still able to flip and be energetic. They believe you can be any size and dance. I agree too guys!

Group 2: Blueprint Cru
I really liked their routine the most everything was tight and the ending was genius. Blueprint is quite unique since they aren't american, they are actually Canadian.

March 6, 2010

Spring get your butt over here...

Spring is within sight but out of reach at the moment. The sun on my back is present and refreshingly warm but I haven't been able to part ways with the bitter cold wind. Spring I promise I will welcome you with open arms. Come to me my darling let us skip through the lush green fields and drink lemonade.

Here are some outfits I wouldn't mind (Freaking love) to own.

March 3, 2010

I'm tired of it...

I am tired of hearing "That's racist, stereotypical, or sexist." It just seems like every time I turn around I hear one of those words.

Problem 1: Selling sexuality
Sexuality in ads? Is it a bad thing? Yeah it can be, especially if you thin down a model to abnormal sizes and make women think badly of themselves or stuff men's underwear and make normal men feel bad about their assets. But at the same time, we are human. I love the female form, it's beautiful I wish more women were okay with them selves (especially me, is that hypocritical...yeah but i'm not going to get into that one). Do I want to see a mom slide her boob out in Wal-mart to feed her But I'm so tired of every time an add pops up someone says "look at that why is it they always put a sexified women on these adds, it's disgusting." It's not disgusting, she's probably hot but yeah I could see why someone would wonder what the female form and gasoline has in common. Kind of a stretch I know.

Problem 2: Stereotypes
Men are great at hard working jobs, women are great at homely jobs. Most of the time that's true. I'm sorry but yeah. Does it mean that I think every woman needs to be a house wife, no not in the least or every man needs to be a construction worker, nope. Some men become models, actors, chefs, ice cream cart owners. Women become CEOs, join the army, build houses, or become biologists...I don't know the lists are endless but when it comes down to some things I just can't get them out of my head.

My boyfriend is stronger than me...yes
Is he better with computers...yes
Better at guessing (on tests)...most certainly yes
Can I cook better than him...yes
Can I clean better than him... yes
Do I know more about home remedies than him...yep

now almost everything I wrote would be considered a stereotype. But is it's the truth at least for me and my boyfriend. Does it change to suit each couple, yes. What works for one person doesn't for another. But look at it this way..

Am I better at thumb wrestling than him...yes
do I fart and burp more than him...yes
Am I more likely to say a woman is attractive...yeah
is he better at poetry..yeah
does he need a hug after a bad day...yeah
does he have a deep love for candy and chocolate...yes

When ever I meet someone for the first time I never curse because I don't know if they are okay with it or not, I always let them drop the F. Bomb first. But if they don't I make a mental note not to curse around them. If we follow different religious paths I tend to not bring it up. Does that mean I'm a fake? No It means I try to avoid an unwanted argument.

Problem 3: Racism
Not every monkey in a newspaper political comic is referring to a black person. And if you think so then maybe you are the racist one for going there in the first place.

Not every Asian person is great at math or likes pocky..reads manga or does that cute little peace sign thing.

Majority of Southern people don't marry their cousins, or have out houses, or go bare foot...

the list can go on but I'm going to stop it here...

I'm not say that these things don't exist or I don't regard things as racist or sexist but I just feel like we use the terms to much. Maybe we say they are because we want them to be? I don't know... can't we just have a good laugh and walk away not pissed off? Again I am sorry if I upset anyone or aggravated you. But I needed to get that out.

March 1, 2010

Blogger of the Month - March 2010

March's Blogger of the month is Bon the creator of Dolly Asylum! She is artistic, flamboyant, snarky, and a lover of all things dolly and Lolita. Bon doesn't sugar coat how she feels, She is completely out right with you and that's one of the many reasons why I love her so much! If you follow my other blog you might have noticed a drawing of me, Bon drew that. Her talents always amaze me. She was sweet enough to do an interview with me... Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!

1. How or why did you start blogging?

I discovered the blogosphere about 2 years ago- not long after I became a mum. The computer suddenly became a really convenient way to create art (photoshop requires no actual paintbrushes/easels/cleaning up mess!) while I was sleep deprived and had a baby constantly attatched to my boob. Then I got on the internet, which had previously been quite a rare experience for me! I soon discovered the ( procrastination enabling) joys of social networking, and the blogosphere, and got hooked!
Blogging is such a fun way to express all my pent up thoughts and ideas, as well as a great platform to share some creative bits and bobs, get feedback on my artwork, plus meet some really fascinating people.

2. Besides Blogging what are some other passions of yours?

Art and craft, obviously, but all sorts of creativity really! Um..and dark chocolate. I'll walk over broken glass barefoot to get at that shit. I'm passionate about music. I've played guitar since I was a kid, and dabble with keyboards, banjo, accordian..toy instruments...whatever I can get my hands on! I'm actually working up the courage to share some of my little compositions on my blog ;) I write some silly little ryhmes and some short stories occasionally too, but it requires a lot of mental energy, and I don't always have that energy! Another passion of mine is comedy. Laughing is just the best thing. If you can make me laugh, I'll love ya forever!

3. When did your love for all things Dolly start?

I think it's been there forever really...I remember sewing clothes for my dolls as a kid, and dying their hair with textas.In a way they're the lazy persons pet, or kid-they're cute and small but you don't have to feed them or toilet train them; you just it them on the mantlepiece and let them look all sweet and creepy. I'm gradually building up an army of them, so hopefully by the time I'm an old granny my home will be a creepy haven full of little dollies that seem to watch your every move :)

4. In what way would you say blogging has helped you?

It's helped me more than I thought possible actually. It's enabled me to express myself in ways that isn't always possible in my day to day life. A lot of people assume that after you've popped out a kid, your previous interests are suddenly replaced with an intense passion for aprons,prams, and cleaning products. It's so bloody frustrating! I may not get the opportunity to go out partying and whatnot, but I'm still a PERSON, with a PERSONALITY, and interests and hobbies beyond motherhood! Don't get me wrong- i love my kid to bits, but I don't love being defined by motherhood alone. I think a lot of mums go through a bit of an identity crisis like that actually. That's why i rarely mention my mothering duties in my blogging! Blogging helps me to stay in touch with the real me.

5. What advise would you give to bloggers just starting out?

Communicate! If you're not going to make a bit of an effort to get some kind of rappor going with the people who are nice enough to leave comments on your blog, then they probably won't stick around for long. One way conversations are BORING! i think that prompting the people who read your blog to talk about their own thoughts and opinions is nice too. I enjoy hearing other peoples feedback/advice/thoughts on subjects. So yeah...that's my advice! Communicate: Answer questions that people ask,go check out the blogs/sites of your commenters, etc.
Also, your blog doesn't have to be like everybody elses! Be yourself! There are a lot of very similar blogs out there, so try to think of something that YOU can offer the blogosphere that nobody else can.

6. Have you ever met some of your blogger friends in person?

Unfortunately, no! There are so many that i would love to meet. Some live too far away...but life can be surprising, so who knows? Maybe I will get the opportunity to someday :)

7. What are your favorite websites to visit everyday?

Hmmm..let's see...this is actually going to sound really lame and groupie-ish, but for the last few days I've been stalking the Mike Patton fans site on Myspace quite religiously, as Faith No More are touring here at the moment, and I like reading the reviews and watching concert footage :D. I went to see them recently, so it's like re-living the concert. hahahaha. LAME. But I can't help it. I kinda fantasise about being a female version of Patton...singing and screaming and jumping around manically...sigh! Anyway. Overshare!
I really like SWEET STATION (lots of cool new art) and Outsapop Trashion (upcycled/reworked fashion ideas) too.

8. Can you list come of your favorite beats to rock to?

Well as I mentioned, anything featuring Mike Patton is good. But my musical tastes range from Stravinsky to Bjork... Dr Steel- Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel to be precise. (He's a delightfully eccentric vaudevillian mad professor type whose music has been described as " Hip-hop industral opera". He's brilliant!)... It depends what mood I'm in really. In summer i might feel the urge to listen to Manu Chou, and then I'll get cranky and listen to Lamb Of God, but the vocalist can't actually sing, so then I'll put on, blur,Kate Bush, Emir Kusterica and The No Smoking Orchestra, Empire Of The's all good! variety is the secret herbs and spices of life!

9. Is there something you can't wait for?

I can't wait to see Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland!!!!

10. If your style had a name what would it be?

Ironic confused goth in pink who reached into the closet blindfolded. Or something. :D

11. Your Art and dolls are so cool and unique anyway someone could get their hands on some of your pieces?

Oh yessy yes indeedy! I have an etsy shop: Simitopia Dolly Asylum full of Lolita hairbows and brooches,plus some prints. Business is sloooow, so I'd love for some people to come check it out! I also do custom orders when requested!

Extra Question: You won either a bungee jumping date with Jemaine Clement or a tango dance lesson with Robert Downey Jr. Which do you chose?

Woot! Man, what a choice! Gawsh, that's a tricky one, as I find both of them absolutely sextastic. Hmmm...I think I'd be too chickenshit to go bungee jumping! Unless there was a chance that the bungee cord got tangled around both Jemaine and I, thus binding us together (quite tightly preferably) rendering us unable to jump, but rather get talking and really like each other and start kissing and stuff instead. That's what happens in my fantasy anyway...but I've a feeling the reality wouldn't go like that, so i think i'll go do some dirty dancing with Robert Downey Jr. instead. Awwww yeah! *raises eyebrows sleazily and salivates slightly* ROWR! Mmmmm-mmmm.