October 31, 2009


I'm really aggravated in more ways than one right now. I love Halloween so much because the spirit of it. There are no trick or treaters at all anywhere in my town or the town over. I don't know where they are or if all the kids decided they hate candy. I went driving around at 8:30pm my time and nothing. But there were tons of cops everywhere. Especially around this one house who's front door was open. I don't know what happened there but it worries me because I heard moaning earlier tonight (not screaming but moaning). We went to the next town and the same thing. No one was out and only one person had lights on at all. I know the economy is bad but come on I know people bought candy are you just being stingy with it?? I think no one trusts anyone anymore. No honey you can't go trick or treating because that old lady down the street might poison the candy with a hypodermic needle. Oh no dear we can't because the couple that just moved in down the lane might be satanists?

What is it people???

Did anyone have a good Halloween experience or actually celebrate?

October 26, 2009

Movie Review (contains some spoilers)

The other night I had the pleasure of being invited to see the horror movie craze of the season, Paranormal Activity. Critics have been raving about how the simplicity is what makes it scary. I literally laughed through the whole film. The male character, Mikah, was a sarcastic idiot or really over confident. I can't tell you how many times something "scary" happened like her getting dragged down the hall way by some unseen force and them keep going to bed every night. If I was dragged down the hall way by some weird ghostly beast I would be high tailing it to a catholic church or voodoo priestess! There were a few other things I wanted to briefly touch on. They mention in the film that they set the alarm every night but when she gets possessed, walks down stairs, and opens the back door the alarm doesn't go off. Plus other things happen that never are mentioned later. Also In the original movie they made in 2007 the ending is different(SPOILERS) she comes up stairs and starts rocking back and forth. Then the cops come and she tries to attack them and they shoot her. End of story. Steven Spielberg wanted them to change it to the more dramatic ending. Which I won't ruin for anyone who does want to see it. The best part of the movie was when we left the theater and this guy was messing with his girlfriend about how he felt it breathing on him and making it look like it was pulling him down the hallway.

Final Conclusion is that It's an okay movie but I wouldn't want to see it again or really tell anyone to pay $10 to see it. It doesn't even get scary till the end.

October 23, 2009

The Winner

Err....by the way there are no chips in the bag. Since it's made of fabric it's just a novelty kind of thing. :)

Congrats Namine!! You get the first Magical Chip Bag ever made!!!

You can email me your address to Greenlime95@aol.com

October 21, 2009

Book Recommendation

Well Hello there! I dropped by Ali in Wonderland's blog and she had found a really neat way to give a book recommendation through another blog.

What to do!!

Grab your current read.

Let the book fall open to a random page. (mine wouldn't actually fall open so i flipped through with my eyes closed and stopped at a random page)

Share two sentences from that page, between lines 7 and 12.
You also share the title of the book that you’re recommending.

Here is my book recommendation!

I am currently reading Triskellion by Will Peterson

"The messages she was receiving in her head were as fleeting and vague as Gabriel himself. They arrived like random text messages that popped up in her mind to reassure her that he was still around and to remind her about the secret she had promised to keep."

October 19, 2009

Give Away Surprise

Hello Darlings! I have a marvelous surprise in store for one lucky person! I am having a give away to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging. I have had such a wonderful first year of blogging; all the sweet comments and meeting new friends! I hope this second year will be just as amazing!

The only rule is to leave a comment about your favorite flavor of chips! This Friday I will choose a name randomly and that lovely person will receive a secret surprise!

Have a Marvelous Monday!!


October 18, 2009

Halloween Madness

Ahoy! Well I do believe a new name was chosen! This Blog is now The Magical Chip Bag: Full of Hearts and Farts. It has grown on me quite well I may add.

The Second order of buisness states that Halloween is 13 days away. Preparations and scheduling are in hand for my special Halloween night! I do not know if I will be handing out candy if I do it won't be all night. I have to admit I love seeing the little kids costumes...soooo adorable!! The plan so far is on Friday I will be going to a cemetery (over 100 years old) around midnight till one in the morning. My quest is to take ghost photography. Whether this will work or not doesn't really matter to me. I just want to try it. The Second is Movie Marathon!!

These are the amazing, side splitting, and some what scary movies that I have hand picked for my HALLOWEEN MOVIE MARATHON!!! WOOOOOOOO *cough cough*

1. The Nightmare before Christmas
(Stop Motion film) I can not get through Halloween with out watching it. Although I recently spoke to a dear friend who says she watches it at Christmas time. I never realized or thought about watching it at Christmas. hahaha

2. Vampire Hunter D
(Anime) This isn't really scary but it is slightly dark and sensual in a way. And no these vampires don't sparkle. :P

3. Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek
(Anime) This is slightly scary in a sudden realization kind of way. Plus there are some pretty creepy monsters. I watched this once when it came on Techtv but sadly that is no more and haven't seen it since. I recently found it again and I can't tell you how anxious I am to watch it.

4. Hocus Pocus
(Disney Film) Okay come on who didn't watch this at least once? I watch it every year! I loved the cat and couldn't help crying at the end of it the first time I watched it.

5. Dracula: Dead and Loving it
(Funny Movie) It was really hard to find this one. I picked it up a really long time ago and watched it with a friend. We laughed and giggled all night. And despite it being a funny film it actually does have a pretty good story line unlike the Scary Movie films. No offense to people who enjoy them.

P.s. I might be having a give away soon!!!

Have a Splendid Sunday Lovelies


October 13, 2009

A New Identity?

Well I have been trying to get my lay out the way I want it and I still haven't got it quite right. I also am considering a name change for this blog. I have a list of possible names.

Which one do you like?

The Magical Chip Bag: Full of Hearts and Farts

Wicked Awesome: because normal just won’t cut it

I hope everyone has a wicked Wednesday!!


October 10, 2009

Nature Walk

In place of my classes usual lab we had to go on a nature walk. While on the walk we talked about what tropic levels certain animals and plants were. Jodi and I had to meet our partner since we didn't know where this nature park was. We were parked at a grocery store. Since we had thirty minutes we decided to look around. It was really clean and I found a Hello Kitty thermos with a snack compartment! I bought it and now I am a lot more eco-friendly. I will be using less plastic bottles and instead using my awesome hello kitty thermos! I'll try to take a picture of it soon. When we got to the park it was relatively good. It wasn't till we actually got on the trail that I realized how unprepared I was. I didn't wear a long sleeved shirt and proceeded to be a buffet for all the hundreds of mosquitoes that dined on my blood. I didn't wear lace up sneakers but I didn't have any clean socks that day. My feet didn't hurt, the shoes I had one still had support but there were a few times that I slipped on a rock and I felt I was about to come out of my shoe. During the start of our walk it began to rain. I didn't have a jacket or hoodie so I got wet. But luckily there were half naked frisbee players who made the rain acceptable! le sigh... Any who we walked for 2 miles. At least that's what the pamphlet said. I don't know if that meant I walked a mile and then turned around or I walked 2 miles and turned around. But I'll tell you my legs sure do hurt like I did walk 4 miles.When we did turn around to go back about six of us decided to take the short cut. Which wasn't really a short cut, the only upside was not having to go "up hill" as much. The down side was the trail was very narrow. You had to walk single file. Absolutely no side by side walking on this trail. It had many rocks that you had to walk over or around, and always the constant threat of falling to your rocky watery death. Luckily I did not fall and die. It also started to rain again which made the dirt trail muddy which made it slippery. We *luckily* made it to the end right as the rest of the class did. (sucky short cut) We were all completely tired by the end of it, except for our professor who seemed rather perky. The whole experience made me feel out of shape. When I was a little girl you could have put me in that tom-boy stereotype. I went outside after breakfast and didn't come back in till dinner. Now it seems I get tired to often. I am trying to fix that though.

Well Lovelies I have a lunch date to be getting to.
I hope you all have a unique weekend!


If you want to see the rest of the photos from the nature walk CLICK HERE!!!

October 6, 2009

Rats & Skittles

I wasn't really feeling well when I woke up this morning but I had already missed two days of class so I dragged my butt out of bed (My really really comfy bed) and got ready to go. The Boyfriend is still not feeling well so he stayed home while I went. Road construction that hasn't even started yet slowed traffic down. It took me a little longer to get there today but I was still early. I happened to run into the really sweet girl who gave me her notes from the previous days I had missed. I bought her a box of Skittles with a thank you note stuck to it to show my appreciation.I kept yawning during class. Luckily I have a funny teacher who for the most part kept my attention. She mentioned how rats can absorb their babies if they don't want to have them. It's amazing how we can get on these subjects but I'm glad we do. It mellows out the mood of the class. She also told a hilarious story of how her Husband met her sister. Her sister made the comment that she had small ears like a deer. In reality deers have rather big ears for their size. Her husband mentioned this and said that Hippopotamuses have small ears. Of course being a woman all she heard was herself being compared to a hippo. Not a good first start. I've been resting for the remainder of the day. I feel like I have no energy to do anything but I have a mile long list of things to do in my head. They will have to wait I suppose. I'm going to have to start Dinner soon. We are going to have hamburgers, fries, and of course sweet tea. Oh and something else to look forward to! My science lab is meeting at a nature park. So many many pictures will come out of that afternoon. Let's just hope I can find it with out any troubles.

I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!


October 3, 2009

Top Five Dislikes about College

I thought I would put together a list of the top 5 things that irritate me about College. I also thought about making emoticons of my own. ^ .^ we will see how that goes.

1. Rent-A-Cop: Guy who will race you to your car just to give you a parking ticket for forgetting to put your card in the window.

2. That strange girl who sits in front of you but turns around and rudely stares at you. (Can be a guy but usually is a girl)

3. People who talk really loud on their cellphone right behind you.

4. Death Cloud! People who blow smoke in your face or in your general direction