October 6, 2009

Rats & Skittles

I wasn't really feeling well when I woke up this morning but I had already missed two days of class so I dragged my butt out of bed (My really really comfy bed) and got ready to go. The Boyfriend is still not feeling well so he stayed home while I went. Road construction that hasn't even started yet slowed traffic down. It took me a little longer to get there today but I was still early. I happened to run into the really sweet girl who gave me her notes from the previous days I had missed. I bought her a box of Skittles with a thank you note stuck to it to show my appreciation.I kept yawning during class. Luckily I have a funny teacher who for the most part kept my attention. She mentioned how rats can absorb their babies if they don't want to have them. It's amazing how we can get on these subjects but I'm glad we do. It mellows out the mood of the class. She also told a hilarious story of how her Husband met her sister. Her sister made the comment that she had small ears like a deer. In reality deers have rather big ears for their size. Her husband mentioned this and said that Hippopotamuses have small ears. Of course being a woman all she heard was herself being compared to a hippo. Not a good first start. I've been resting for the remainder of the day. I feel like I have no energy to do anything but I have a mile long list of things to do in my head. They will have to wait I suppose. I'm going to have to start Dinner soon. We are going to have hamburgers, fries, and of course sweet tea. Oh and something else to look forward to! My science lab is meeting at a nature park. So many many pictures will come out of that afternoon. Let's just hope I can find it with out any troubles.

I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!



  1. like the new look. and your box office section!!

    crazy about the hippo story.

    giving skittles as a thank you is a good idea

  2. love, love, love the new look for this blog!!

  3. Hahaha deer is definitely more complimentary than hippo! And yum at skittles. Hope you're having a gorgeous day and are feeling better :)