October 31, 2009


I'm really aggravated in more ways than one right now. I love Halloween so much because the spirit of it. There are no trick or treaters at all anywhere in my town or the town over. I don't know where they are or if all the kids decided they hate candy. I went driving around at 8:30pm my time and nothing. But there were tons of cops everywhere. Especially around this one house who's front door was open. I don't know what happened there but it worries me because I heard moaning earlier tonight (not screaming but moaning). We went to the next town and the same thing. No one was out and only one person had lights on at all. I know the economy is bad but come on I know people bought candy are you just being stingy with it?? I think no one trusts anyone anymore. No honey you can't go trick or treating because that old lady down the street might poison the candy with a hypodermic needle. Oh no dear we can't because the couple that just moved in down the lane might be satanists?

What is it people???

Did anyone have a good Halloween experience or actually celebrate?


  1. We got no trick-or-treaters either! What the heck, mm?

  2. we didn't have trick or treaters but I think that's because we live in an adult apartment building. I did hear some screams last night. But I am pretty sure I heard more sirens than anything. It is kinda sad.