October 3, 2009

Top Five Dislikes about College

I thought I would put together a list of the top 5 things that irritate me about College. I also thought about making emoticons of my own. ^ .^ we will see how that goes.

1. Rent-A-Cop: Guy who will race you to your car just to give you a parking ticket for forgetting to put your card in the window.

2. That strange girl who sits in front of you but turns around and rudely stares at you. (Can be a guy but usually is a girl)

3. People who talk really loud on their cellphone right behind you.

4. Death Cloud! People who blow smoke in your face or in your general direction



  1. While I am not in college I can still relate to many of these

  2. What unlucky experiences you've had at college. I've not had to deal with these things while at school. But, people hogging the sidewalk would be my number 1!

  3. Ahaha, I totally know that girl. I usually end up sitting next to her.

    Ditto Jackie on people hogging the sidewalk. Jerks who force you off the sidewalk because they're too busy not-single-filing with their friends.