September 19, 2009

Movie Reviews

I recently saw Gamer and 9 in theaters and before I start...have I just not been to the movies in a long time or are movies coming through faster. For instance 9 came out 10 days ago and it was already in the back of the theater on a small screen...with only 9 of us in there. The same went for Gamer, it hasn't been out long either maybe a little bit more than 10 days and it was in the back on a small screen with maybe 12 of us in there...? I guess if you don't go the day it comes out you are bond to the back of the theater. hahahaha

Anywhooo getting on to the reviews

I'll start with 9 since that was the movie I originally wanted to see. If you have had the chance to see the trailer and hear it say "this is not your little brother's animated movie" it's true. There is a machine "The brain" and the scary part is that it is a tech-brain it thinks on it's own and builds all these monsters from spare metal parts and spare bones (human and animal) . When the robots it sends fail it makes more..better ones. I wouldn't take a child to the movie, for instance one scene there is a baby doll head-snake-seamstress robot that has one of the dead sack people on the end of it as a lure and it's face gets smashed in with a crank. I can just see the nightmares coming for a little kid.

One high point for me about the film was that the character who kicked the most robot butt was the ONLY girl sack-person in the whole movie. She was 7 and you can kind of think of her as a rouge character since she doesn't follow the leader.

There were a few things that puzzled me through the film. There were many explosions and not once did these sack-people catch on fire. Another point I wasn't quite sure on was if they could feel pain at all. In one scene the girl (7) gets a metal rod shot through her leg (for anyone else that in it's self would have done it) and then the rock they're on starts shifting. Two of the sack-people grab a hold of the string attacked to the rod ( okay rod in leg-people hanging on by it ) did she show any sign of pain or anything....Nope she just needed to be sewn up and she was good as new.

I'm not going to ruin the ending for you but I will mention that I didn't expect what happened.

On to GAMER!!! ROAR!! Gamer is what Gamer is. It's an adrenaline movie; explosions, fighting, and boobs.

There isn't really anything profound or intense to say about the movie since it is what it is. If you are looking for a high-action based movie I would suggest you watch it. I didn't like the ending, I felt like it happened to "easy".

There were little parts that I thought were either funny because it actually happens in games (getting stuck, lagging, corpse-humping)and then things that I thought were just plain cool.

A few down sides for me were that when it starts to get to the end you stop seeing certain characters...and you're left with (well what happened to that guy...did she die?) So that was aggravating for me.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews. I wanna see both, but I am waiting until I can download them