September 11, 2009

What's your Eco-Footprint?


Your Ecological footprint tells you how much it takes to sustain you along with how much waste you produce. I'm not showing you this or asking you to do this to dictate how you live or make you feel bad about how you live. I just want everyone to know and feel the same way I felt when I took this test. It will tell you how many Earths it would take to sustain the human race if everyone lived the same way as you. It would take about 5 Earths if everyone lived like me. My number wasn't as bad as some people in my Environmental Science class. One man would need close to 45 Earths. But none the less, we only have 1 Earth and we are using it up fast, we actually use 30% more resources than what we have right now.

I retook the test to see what it would take to not use more that 1 Earth....
+ Vegetarian diet
+ Not driving more than 100 km or 62 miles for a WHOLE year. (no flying or buses or trains)
+ Buying EVERYTHING from local farmers (no fresh markets or super stores)
+ living within your means
+ Not using a lot of water
+ No electricity at all (only oils or wood)
+ Not using a clothes dryer but having them air dry outside.



  1. oh, my, that's so scary to think, really. oh. i wish i could do more for nature, though, than what i do. sigh.

    thank you for the lovely comment as usual :) i never really thought of taking those classes. i don't think there is such thing in portugal, and i don't know how they work... but it might be interesting. even though most of the time i think i don't need classes to write my feelings down :)

    much love <3

  2. If the world lived like me, we'd need 2.5 earths. I don't thinks that's too bad in comparison to some people. I could do better though.
    This was really neat!

  3. wow, that's not bad. I mean compared to my 5 and that one guys 45 that's not bad at all!!

    It just really irritates me that we almost have to "devolve" to only use 1 Earth. Well we would have to live like the Amish really.