February 26, 2011

Time and Time Again

If a being asked me what being human was like. I would reply with something similar to this.

We are flawed, we make mistakes,
you could even say we "sin",
we destroy and create,
we love and we hate,
we dream and we deny,
we weave truths and we lie,
we live and we die.
We have loved and hated.
We are selfish and sincere
Lazy and defiant
caring and resilient
we are human.


February 23, 2011

Pendants and Feathers

I've been slightly obsessing about caravans and gypsies. They're an interesting subject but to be honest the idea of traveling in a mini home, meeting new people, and using your craft is tempting. Do not miss understand when I use the word "craft". I don't mean sex or magic. I look at it the same way I think of a hobo, a traveler without a permanent home, source of income, and has a specific craft "wood carving, welding, pottery". What brought on my renewed obsession was this man who makes caravans. I found his prices slightly out of my range but not unattainable. Though I imagine I could find a small caravan and DIY it myself if I so pleased.

What are your thoughts about gypsies?

February 22, 2011

Tune Tuesday

Orion Rigel Dommisse is not just a long name, it's an indie folk band! The sound is very whimsical because of the violin and fair voice, but her tone and lyrics give off a dark twist. Want to find out more? Just visit her myspace page by clicking here. You can listen to her song "Fake Yer Death" in the video below. Enjoy!


This week has been fairly calm but with a reoccurring theme. People put significance in age. The age gap between lovers, the age of adulthood, the different generations and the stigma that follows them. I find age irrelevant in most cases. Simply because someone can be 17 and be mature just as someone 35 can still be immature. It's all in how a person acts not how many candles they have on their cake.

February 19, 2011

A dream/nightmare

In a lake of wet moss arose serpents,
a Hundred black eyes
no reflections, only bottomless chasms
an evil among the naive
An inescapable world deep in the catacombs of my mind...

February 15, 2011

Tune Tuesday

Bird Automatic is equivalent to a cool breeze on a sweltering summer day. The dream of floating through the clouds. An alternative pop group from Oz. You can venture to their website but it will reroute you to their myspace. They are fairly new with their debut ablum "Not Morning People" just out in 2010. Suburbs is my favorite from them so far, you can listen to the song below. Please excuse the video for it is not the official since they haven't made one yet. It's fan made.

The Process Needs...

Most of you know what my "21 before 21 list" is about. I only have a few left and I have high hopes that I will finish them all before my preset date. Right now i'm in the process of finishing my bedroom. I finally wanted my room to copy what's inside my head. There are a lot of things I need to finish working on and here is a list to give you an idea. The bold means i'm currently working on them.

✔ Frame Map
✔ Frame Photos from Holly
finish rug
finish bench
make a spoon hook
Do Watercolor art & Frame it

Take down closet doors and put up drapes
make curtains for windows
obtain a clock
Wallpaper inside of closet
finish closet
get a coffee table & bed side table
paint dresser deep red
buy ceiling fan
buy two twin iron beds
finish quilts for beds
paint bedroom door

February 10, 2011

Book Review: Winkie

I recently came across the psychological drama that is "Winkie". Mr. Case created a story that seems strange at first but becomes warm and natural as it goes. You follow Winkie as he/she evolves from a toy like presence to an anomaly of his/her own making. You experience his/her dreams, hopes, fears, anguish, troubles, and love from the beginning. I dare say I cried by the end of it. This is an extremely unique book that looks at the point of view of a stuffed bear. The only negative I have with it was the actual ending. I felt it was too abrupt.

I rated this book a 4 out of 5.

February 8, 2011

Tune Tuesday

Crystal Castles is the experimental electronic band from Toronto. They have become rather popular with their fan base in the hundreds of thousands. Although they've been labeled electronic their music is very aggressive and loud. You could even go so far as to throw in screamo, as the main singer screams(wails) most of their songs. It's very noisy and harsh sounding. I suppose you're wondering why I even like the band? I heard "Doe Deer" and it stuck in my head. I just couldn't help from like it. It's that necessary evil you need to help unwind. I suppose that doesn't make much since. You know how if a room is too clean or bare is seems sterile? So you decorate your room with layers of things that interest you. If your brave enough to listen the song is below, enjoy!

February 7, 2011

Checking Off

This past weekend I was able to, with much excitement, mark two more off my "21 before 21" list. I still have hopes that I will finish it before the appointed due date. There are only 5 more things I need to achieve! There is a tab in the upper right hand corner if you want to view the list.

(check)Number 1: Take a road trip without the parents. I drove up to visit my best amigo. I usually wait until she comes home but this time, as I had promised, I went to see her. We later left and drove even further to our next destination...

(check)Number 10: Go to a Concert! We attended a "Tokyo Police Club" concert. I had an amazing time. It's something I had wanted to experience for a while. We were lucky to get up front, after standing an hour in the cold *cough*. I could feel the vibrations in my chest, dum dum dum. The clapping was infectious. I won't forget it. I slightly hope that like the "heart" on my side mirror, the stamp on my wrist doesn't wear off...


February 3, 2011


My collage for February. Plus this weekend I will be attending my first concert, pictures will be taken and memories will be made! What do you think of when you hear February?

February 1, 2011

Tune Tuesday

Lonely Drifter Karen is such a worldly soul, having lived in a hand full of different cultures. Her music is crisp with a loose melody. Your foot will tap along with the tune. You'll possibly think of Wonderland, maybe even more so now. Karen's indie cabaret style is unique to say that least. You can listen to her song "The Owl Moans Low" in the video below, enjoy!