November 30, 2010

One Hundred Awesome Songs

Tune Tuesday is a bit different today, instead I posted a list of 100 songs that I love! They are (kinda) in alphabetical order and I put their genre beside them so you know what type of song it is. Have fun with those!

1. After The Sirens - Judah reprise (Alternative/electronic)
2. Beat Crusaders - Day After Day (alternative)
3. Blue States - Season Song (electronic/chill-out)
4. Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane (rock)
5. Cake - the distance (alternative)
6. Chevelle - Forfeit (rock)
7. Coheed and Cambria - The Crowing (rock)
8. Company of thieves - Tornado song (alternative)
9. Counting Crows - Mr. Jones (alternative)
10. Crossfade - Colors (rock)
11. Damien Rice - 9 crimes (alternative)
12. Damien Jurado - sheets (folk)
13. Darren Hayes - Neverland (alternative)
14. Disturbed - stricken (rock)
15. E Nomine - Vater Unser (electronic/gothic)
16. ELLEGARDEN - Space Sonic (rock)
17. Enter Shikari - Sorry, You're not a winner (rock/screamo)
18. Explosions in the Sky - Magic Hours (ambient)
19. Fastball - out of my head (alternative)
20. Fatboy slim - weapon of choice (electronic/dance)
21. Faulter - eyes like stars (alternative)
22. Flyleaf - all around me (rock)
23. Foo Fighters - Best of you (rock)
24. Frou Frou - Let go (electronic/chill-out)
25. Guano Apes - You Can't Stop Me (rock)
26. Hauschka - Eltern (classical)
27. Howling Bells - Treasure Hunt (alternative)
28. Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (trance)
29. Iron & Wine - Woman King (Folk)
30. Ingrid Michaelson - Breaking Bones (alternative)
31. James Brown - Get up offa thing (funk)
32. Janis Joplin - ball and chain (blues)
33. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (alternative)
34. Kid Theodore - Lonely Angel (alternative)
35. Katie Herzig - Diamond Ring (folk)
36. Killswitch Engage - the end of heartache (metal)
37. KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see (alternative)
38. Lamb - Gorecki (electronic/chill-out)
39. Landon Pigg - Falling in love (alternative)
40. Lissie - when i'm alone (alternative)
41. Little Dragon - Dragon (chill-out)
42. LM.C - oh my juliet (rock)
43. Lykke Li - Tonight (alternative)
44. Lovedrug - spiders (alternative)
45. Florence + the machine - heavy in your arms (alternative)
46. Malcolm McLaren - About her (electronic/chill-out)
47. Mammal - Majority (rock)
48. Maximum the Hormone - Zetsubou billy (rock/screamo)
49. Mirza - emshab (chill-out)
50. Miser - Zen (rock)
51. Mondialito - L' azur (blues)
52. Moriarty - cottonflower (folk)
53. Mr. Scruff - get a move on (jazz)
54. Mudvayne - Happy? (rock)
55. My brightest diamond - inside a boy (alternative)
56. Mumford & sons - blank white page (folk)
57. Mum - green grass of tunnel (electronic/chill-out)
58. Nine inch Nails - the hands that feed (rock)
59. Nine days - story of a girl (alternative)
60. Olafur Arnalds - pu ert solin (classical)
61. Orange Range - Asterisk (rock)
62. Paramore - decode (rock)
63. Placebo - every you every me (alternative)
64. Phosphorescent - wolves (folk)
65. Portishead - roads (chill-out)
66. Pretty girls make graves - liquid courage (altern.)
67. Primitivity - symphony of destruction (metal)
68. Puddle of mudd - blurry (rock)
69. RADWIMPS - おしゃかしゃま (alternative)
70. radiohead - life in a glass house (altern.)
71. Ram Jam - black betty (rock)
72. Red - Breathe into me (rock)
73. Regina Spektor - flowers (altern.)
74. Saliva - ladies and gentlemen (rock)
75. Savoy Brown - train to nowhere (blues/rock)
76. Shane Macgowan - woman's got me drinkin (punk)
77. Silversun pickups - panic switch (altern.)
78. SLOT - mirrors (rock)
79. Sylvain Chauveau - des plumes dans la tete (classical)
80. system of a down - psycho (metal)
81. telepopmusik - breathe (electro/chill-out)
82. Tenacious D - Tribute (rock)
83. the cranberries - zombie (rock)
84. the do - on my shoulders (alternative)
85. the gazette - taion (rock)
86. the lovin spoonful - summer in the city (rock)
87. the love language - heart to tell (altern.)
88. the joy formidable - cradle (altern.)
89. The protomen - the will of one (rock)
90. the real tuesday weld - kicks (jazz)
91. the servant - cells (altern.)
92. the tumbled sea - emily's song (classical)
93. the ventures - pipeline (rock)
94. trustcompany - downfall (rock)
95. we are scientists - great escape (altern.)
96. wolfmother - woman (rock)
97. world's end girlfriend - les enfants du paradis (ambient)
98. 30 seconds to mars - the kill (rock)
99. 9mm parabellum bullet - wanderland (rock)
100. 凛として時雨 – 想像のSecurity (alternative)

November 28, 2010

Are you happy?

I recently finished the new book "Hector's Search for Happiness" by the French psychiatrist Francois Lelord. The book follows a psychiatrist's, Hector, journey to find what makes people happy. By the end of the book he is closer to understanding the meaning of "happiness". I had a few aggravations with this book. On the back a reviewer compared this book to Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist". I want to slap that person in the face. "The Alchemist" is what I would consider a literary artwork. Comparing the two, makes me think they didn't read one of the books. But I digress the other aggravation I had was that the book read like a children's book. It feels like when the author wrote it he wrote it as if a child were to read it. At this point you might think I didn't like this book, quite the opposite. I really enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to people who like to better themselves. After the first chapter I completely forgot about the way it read and more about the story itself. All in all it has a good message that is often forgotten in today's society.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5

November 25, 2010

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm currently watching the Macy's day parade. After that i'm going to stuff my face with really good food and be thankful that I get to eat it. I don't think thanksgiving is just about the food. I truly think it should be a day were you thank the people who were nice to you and helped you out when you needed it. How ever you chose to celebrate this day, or if you celebrate it at all, I wish you have a great day!

November 23, 2010

Tune Tuesday

The Australian band "Howling Bells" caught my attention with their whimsical rock sound. They worked very hard to achieve what they have now, it's an interesting story. I couldn't find an official site for them other than their myspace which you can click the link above to go to. My favorite song from them is "treasure hunt" and you can listen to it below, enjoy!

November 21, 2010

Number 7: Check

Number seven on the list was to "Do something out of character". I had the hardest time figuring out what that thing would be but it wasn't until after I did it that I realized. The other night I trolled. If you made a puzzled face at that, i'll explain. Trolling is when someone says or types something specifically to get a rise of emotion out of you, usually anger. I was on a chat site and this Chinese guy asked where I was from, I said Japan. If you know the hatred these two countries harbor for one another you can only imagine the interesting conversation I had. It is so unlike me to do something like that and i'm glad I got it out of my system. I know it sounds weird but doing something you normally wouldn't isn't always a bad thing.

Have you ever done something, only to later think "oh gosh was that me, did I do that"?

November 18, 2010

That light is coming from you...

I want you to comment about two things; one thing you love about your self that is physical and one thing that isn't. I guess this post came about after reading this article "Do you stand out" and I don't really think I do. People often forget me. I could be absent from school and teachers would still mark me present, though that one could be a blessing. I guess the conclusion I ended up at is maybe i'm not supposed to shine bright but instead never stray or flicker. I'll be that light you go to when you need help or a hug or just need a companion who will sit with you on a bench, watching the boats float down the river. My light glows a light mossy green, at least that's what I see in my head.

My physical trait I love about my self is: my hands
My non-physical trait I love is: The way I love someone

November 17, 2010

Bland Recipe 1#

I love pizza but I can't eat the traditional style anymore with the garlic and tomato sauce. This is basically cheese bread, but really good cheese bread.

All you will need is...
*Pillsbury pizza crust
*block of mozzarella (I used kraft)
*a rectangle baking pan
*follow the direction for the crust about placing it in for 5 minutes before putting the cheese on it
*put the grated cheese over the crust and cook until all the cheese has melted, then switch the oven from bake to broil for about 5 minutes, then switch back to bake and wait for the cheese to turn brown.

Some of you might know that I have (GERD) and can't eat things like tomatoes, ketchup, onions, vinegar, garlic, oranges, lemons etc etc. Those who voted in the "make MCB better" poll wanted more recipes which i will honor but please note that the dishes I will cook are, for the majority of you, bland. I will do another post after thanksgiving which will include a chicken casserole, cheddar biscuits, and how to make canned veggies taste better!

November 16, 2010

Tune Tuesday

My pick this week is Carissa's Wierd. No it's spelled right i promise the band purposely misspelled weird. They started in Seattle back in 1995 and disbanded in 2003. They are known for their melancholy tunes and soft vocals. The lyrics are very sobering and to the point. My favorite from them is "sophisticated fuck princess please leave me alone"

November 15, 2010

Oh Really?

I was asked the other day what my pet peeves are. And I thought about it for a while after they asked because I tend to forget until the actual crime comes to the surface and aggravates me. So I took the liberty to try and write down those I could remember. What are your pet peeves?

*people who text and drive & people whose noses are so far in their phones they can smell the battery acid.

*people who don't cover their nose/mouth when sneezing in public. I DONT WANT YOUR GERMS!

*people who chew gum with their mouth open.

*close minded people - ignorance

*people who ride your tail end, because buddy I will slow down

*parents who think teaching their kids involves beating them upside the head in public.

*people who stare too long, I was in walmart looking at cards and this older man stopped for an awkward amount of time and starred at me, smiling. It made me uncomfortable because he looked at me like he knew something.

*people who stand to close in the check out line

*when people brag about how high or drunk they got the night before.

*when people let their dogs roam free, I got attacked by a dog and it has scarred me

*religion nuts or people who feel the need to tell me i'm going to hell

*waiters/waitresses that flirt with your "partner" right in front of you.

*when company commercials take jabs at other companies or make their client base look like idiots *virgin mobile*

*when people give you that "i'm better than you" look

*the bar-code bracelet you have to wear at the hospital, makes me feel less human.

*when someone treats others as objects

*the way my government works & the news

November 14, 2010

"No matter, try again, fail again, fail better"

That is a quote from Samuel Beckett, and one I find resonates true. Perfection is merely a myth and as long as you try in life that's all that matters. I've been thinking a lot lately, not much else I can do, and I made a mental list of things I want to try and accomplish before January 1, 2011.

1. Get rid of clutter & junk
2. write down on pieces of paper things I want to leave behind in 2010 and throw away/burn them (probably will wait until new years eve for this one)
3. find and start taking a vitamin
4. buy a new complete outfit
5. update info and delete any forgotten websites I joined

Question: Is there anything that you do before New Year's Day?

November 9, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Time for Tune Tuesday again and this weeks band is Atakama, the female fronted Russian metal band. They formed back in 2004 and went through a series of member changes. Their first single released in 2007 and their most recent album in 2009. Eka, the lead singer, has a beautiful and strong singing voice. Plus I'll be honest the Russians have this strong language I feel is perfect for rock and metal. Another thing that I find amazing is they have made all their songs and videos available for free download on their site. You can watch the video below, it slightly reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth. Enjoy!

November 8, 2010


I completely forgot that some of my followers can't view certain music through playlist and sometimes youtube, i think it's silly but I don't make the rules. So for those who couldn't play the playlist I posted yesterday I uploaded one, its on the right. Easy listening!

November 7, 2010

Playlist: Glassy Eyes

I've been in a musical mood since last night; smooth jazzy, electric ticks & mechanical pops, flowing words and melodies. Thoughts of being on a train during a storm with love in the air. I'm pleased with this playlist, it is very laid back and relaxed. click HERE to go to the playlist. I would have posted it on here but it's bigger than my text box would allow.

November 6, 2010

choices, choices

One day I want to dye my hair, yep I am a hair virgin... practically a hair nun since I don't put product in there either. But I want to pop my hair cherry one day but I have some things to think about. I have almost black hair, the fear of frying my hair is on my mind. The two photos above show the color choices I have chosen. The redish-auburn being more realistic (socially acceptable/job-friendly) while the dark purple being more adventurous and closer to my natural color.

Opinions? Advice? Comments? Suggestions?

Photos found on

November 2, 2010

Tune Tuesday

Lissie is an alternative singer from the south. She is similar to Laura Marling and KT Tunstall. She is currently on tour abroad in Europe. My favorite is "When I'm Alone" you can listen watch the official video below. Enjoy!

November 1, 2010

Buttered Toast

So i've been absent for a while and to be honest i'm not all that sure my future posts won't be random either...the doctors and I are still trying to figure out what is wrong with me. But For now I have some videos of anime I am very anxious to see! Plus there will be a Tune Tuesday tomorrow.