November 6, 2010

choices, choices

One day I want to dye my hair, yep I am a hair virgin... practically a hair nun since I don't put product in there either. But I want to pop my hair cherry one day but I have some things to think about. I have almost black hair, the fear of frying my hair is on my mind. The two photos above show the color choices I have chosen. The redish-auburn being more realistic (socially acceptable/job-friendly) while the dark purple being more adventurous and closer to my natural color.

Opinions? Advice? Comments? Suggestions?

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  1. haha, "hair virgin." I'm one too, but I really want to die my hair red someday...

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark purple!!! I think it would really suit you. So that's the way I'm voting :)
    I've got my natural colour for the first time since I was 13 right now and it's weird. I guess I'm the opposite of you!

  3. definitely voting the bottom picture!! And that would be a good way to start for a hair virgin!!! Make sure you go to a highly recommended hair dresser!!

  4. if you want purple, don't worry about it; do it. if you need to start looking around for jobs you can always dye over to get your natural color back.

  5. I'm a hair whore! I get bored every couple of months. How long is your hair? The purple-ish one would be awesome, but it would look a lot better on short hair I think. Are you planning to do it yourself or go to a hairdresser? I dyed my hair from dark brown to bright red, I had to put a decolourant through it first to strip the colour then dye over it - it was a process...a long one..

    I say go for it!

    ps. Since I'm no longer writing in thatwassubtle, I've got a new blog :)