November 18, 2010

That light is coming from you...

I want you to comment about two things; one thing you love about your self that is physical and one thing that isn't. I guess this post came about after reading this article "Do you stand out" and I don't really think I do. People often forget me. I could be absent from school and teachers would still mark me present, though that one could be a blessing. I guess the conclusion I ended up at is maybe i'm not supposed to shine bright but instead never stray or flicker. I'll be that light you go to when you need help or a hug or just need a companion who will sit with you on a bench, watching the boats float down the river. My light glows a light mossy green, at least that's what I see in my head.

My physical trait I love about my self is: my hands
My non-physical trait I love is: The way I love someone


  1. "My light glows a light mossy green"--that's beautiful.

    physical trait: my eyes
    non-physical: my imagination

  2. Awww, I think your just not memorable because your not as loud an obnoxious as everyone else in the room. The tend to take away your shine with their callousness. And I also love your 90 year old hands :)and how your always there for me. I can't wait to see you next week!

    okay, so I love my hair (most days)and ..I love my ability to enter data into a computer(haha, I'll have to explain this one to you in person).

  3. I like this post, and you.

    I love my eyes, and I love my memory.

  4. I love my hair... and I am starting to love my body.

    I definitely love that I am a hard worker, especially when it comes to certain things.

    Great thought provoking post! You should share a picture of your hands.