November 15, 2010

Oh Really?

I was asked the other day what my pet peeves are. And I thought about it for a while after they asked because I tend to forget until the actual crime comes to the surface and aggravates me. So I took the liberty to try and write down those I could remember. What are your pet peeves?

*people who text and drive & people whose noses are so far in their phones they can smell the battery acid.

*people who don't cover their nose/mouth when sneezing in public. I DONT WANT YOUR GERMS!

*people who chew gum with their mouth open.

*close minded people - ignorance

*people who ride your tail end, because buddy I will slow down

*parents who think teaching their kids involves beating them upside the head in public.

*people who stare too long, I was in walmart looking at cards and this older man stopped for an awkward amount of time and starred at me, smiling. It made me uncomfortable because he looked at me like he knew something.

*people who stand to close in the check out line

*when people brag about how high or drunk they got the night before.

*when people let their dogs roam free, I got attacked by a dog and it has scarred me

*religion nuts or people who feel the need to tell me i'm going to hell

*waiters/waitresses that flirt with your "partner" right in front of you.

*when company commercials take jabs at other companies or make their client base look like idiots *virgin mobile*

*when people give you that "i'm better than you" look

*the bar-code bracelet you have to wear at the hospital, makes me feel less human.

*when someone treats others as objects

*the way my government works & the news


  1. lol at the picture, and HAH I know which waitress you're talking about!

    *when people rummage in their bag/pretend to text/pretend to have seen something interesting to the other side in order to avoid eye contact

    *drivers who stop three-quarters of the way inside the crosswalk

    *when people who say, "I could never be a vegetarian/vegan, I love _____ too much." because people who ARE vegetarian or vegan are people who liked the taste of bacon/cheese/chocolate/whatever too; they just value the environment/animal welfare/whatever more highly than a nice sensation in their mouths.

    *loud chewers

    *when I'm sleeping with my head in my arms on the tray table (on a plane) and the person in front me leans back on my head

    *getting the back of my chair kicked. ESPECIALLY in class, where there's that hole between the butt part of the seat and the back part of the seat, and the butt part's never big enough, so they end up kneeing you in the ass...that is my number one peeve. it's going to push me over the edge someday.

  2. All valid pet peeves I would agree!

    Mine are:
    People who are competitive coughers - the ones who hear someone else who is coughing and just HAVE to sound equally sick. Losers!!

    People who are inconsiderate of others around them and who take their bad days out on innocent bystanders.

    Bad customer service!!!!!!!!!!!

    When my hubby never files anything and the home office becomes a big trash bag of mail and other papers despite my best efforts to organise it all!

    When a bin overflows and everyone just keeps adding to the pile instead of just taking the garbage out.

    Well, that's just some of them :)

  3. I need that picture at work! :)

    I agree and have seen/felt so many of these.

  4. These are ones that would be on my list too. Don't forget people who talk too loud or are disruptive at the movie theater.