January 27, 2011

Work 101

As you might know, I have a job now. It's not glamorous by any means. But I am very grateful to have it. But not all the customer are gems. There are 3 types of customers I can not stand!

1. (when an item doesn't scan): IT'S FREE, I BET IT'S FREE, IF IT DOESN'T SCAN IT'S FREE! I assume you think you are being funny and smart, well I can assure you pale I hear that at a minimum of 3 times a day. It's have become rather OLD!

2. (they walk in and i've just sat down after cleaning the back or front) YOU LOOK TIRED, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TIRED IS! Um sorry did I say I had the worst job in the world, I did not. Please shut your face!

3. YOU NEED TO BE A NURSE OR TEACHER! Well thank you Mr. Stereotype. I love that your mind stopped growing after the 30s and assume I need to take one of those roles to feel fulfilled in life. Damn me having a vagina!

really people, really? Please for one moment before you open your mouth will you assume that I have a handle on my life and i'm quite content with where I am at the present time. I do have a plan and i'm in the midst of it now. I will not be changing it anytime soon. Have a nice day!

January 25, 2011

Tune Tuesday

Tis the last Tuesday in January! The lucky band this time is Arkells. They began in 2008 in Ontario, Canada. YAY, Canadians! They have a nice alternative soulful style. They slightly remind me of coldplay but better. I'm sure a coldplay fan just shot an imaginary dart at me. They are definitely worth the listen, my favorite is "Oh, the boss is coming". You can listen below, and ENJOY!

January 23, 2011

pause and rewind

Sometimes I get in a mood. It's not a good mood, it causes me to want to delete and de-clutter. It's not so much that I feel like I need to clean, I just get this itch to start over. It's no good, get rid of it! I delete and delete because its a fairly simple process. But I know that I go over board and if i don't stop myself i'll end up deleting everything...

January 20, 2011

Movie Review: The Fall

Possibly the most gorgeous movie I have ever watched. Visually it will take your breath away. The plot will demand your attention even after it ends. Tarsem Singh created a world within a world for every single unbelievable site you see is real. The crew shot in over 18 countries and used as little visual edits as possible. Every character and object you see has significant meaning.

The story centers around Roy Walker and Alexandria. He tells her of an epic tale but soon his intentions become clearer as reality and the story start to merge. A darkness over takes them, a dark reality that we all try to ignore. But even in the face of death and depression there is a small light screaming "Let him live"!

My personal rating for the movie is a 5 out of 5. I doubt I will see a movie as impressive as this one for a while.

January 18, 2011

Tune Tuesday

Fun. is well HILARIOUS and unique! I love their indie story telling style. They started around 2008 in New York. They were signed through Fueled By Ramen. This indie band is certainly getting popular and obtaining more listeners everyday. My favorite song thus far is "Be Calm". The video is below, please do listen and enjoy!

January 11, 2011

How They Met...

My grandfather, John, at the time was dating a girl from the mountain. His best friend, Reed, would was dating my grandmother's sister, Mary Joe. my grandmother, Margie, was out watering the flowers one afternoon when the boys came to pick up Mary Joe. They left on their date as expected but the next time Mary Joe asked if Margie would go out on a date with John, since the last date he had stopped seeing the girl on the mountain.

Margie replied, "OKAY, but only this once. He's very arrogant!" ending with a face she makes...

They got married on Christmas Eve 1949

p.s. Mary Joe and Reed also married.

Tune Tuesday

Sunny and the Sunsets are stuck in my head. Their alternative folky tunes make me want to Rollerblade down a boardwalk be-bopping away. They started back in 2007 and are currently on tour in Australia. My favorite so far is "Too Young To Burn", you can listen to it below. ENJOY!

January 10, 2011

"We give this life to our children and teach them to hate this place."

I know that if I truly delved deep in to these topics this would become a 20 page post. To keep from doing that i'm going to shorten it to a few main topic bullets!

+ Do you feel that it is the parents fault on how their children turned out?
+ Are the older & younger generations becoming hateful?
+ Do we forget how beautiful this planet can be and is?
+ Did we fuck up?
+ Why are we becoming lazy and tired people?
+ Why do people push things on you?
+ Why do we fill the pockets of people who are complete idiots?
+ Why won't we help people any more?
+ When did "pills" become the answer?
+ How are we going to make it better?
+ And will someone please smile...

January 9, 2011

Hair Virgin No More!

I finally colored my hair the other day. We settled on an auburn color. When I went inside I didn't know the first thing about hair coloring but i'm so glad I went to the lady I did. She sat me down and explained that I have level 3 hair color and originally the color I wanted was an 8. She let me know that going that extreme your first time will ruin your hair. So we settle for a color in the 5-6 range. And I am completely happy with it. Next time though I will go purple, I was just worried about it since I have a job now but everyone said it would be okay!

January 6, 2011

Words on a page..

Starting January first I have been writing things that have left an impression on me. Whether the events of that day are happy or not I want to remember. While doing this I have realized that I suck at writing with a pen, for some reason my hand writing looks better and less sloppy when written in pencil. Geez.

I hope that whether you record it or not, that you have something special happen each and every day.


January 4, 2011

Tune Tuesday

The First Tune Tuesday of the New Year is Mindy White. She's an experienced musician from being in various bands like (Lydia) and (States). She decided to go solo in early 2010 and the music she makes is simply lovely. Her music is very soft and clean. My favorite thus far is "We Are Birds". You can listen to it below, Enjoy!

January 2, 2011

I Declare: 2011

Strong feelings have made me determine that this year will be amazing. Over the past week, while off the internet, I began to ponder about things. "It's not about the destination but the journey" consumed me for a while. What if I applied that phrase to more things. For one example instead of ordering books from the internet or getting the bookstore to, I simple try and obtain it on my own. It might take a month or years to find the book but would I not feel this amazing emotion once I finally found the book?

This year, the year I proclaimed great, my resolution is to be an adventurer. Possibly in all aspects of life. What is your resolution or declaration for 2011?


January 1, 2011

Number 6: Check

FINALLY! I can say with much gusto that I have a job. It took almost two years but something finally came through. Hopefully since I have a job now I will be able to reach my other goal of accumulating 1,000 dollars before my birthday. I think this can be accomplished. So far all the people i've worked with have been incredibly nice and helped me learn the tricks of the trade. Luck as also spared me any encounters with angry people but I know that will come. It is inevitable.

Hopefully you lovelies had a glorious holiday! I can honestly say that this was one of my best. Everyone was happy, the energy, and the memories were just right. I also want to write a big THANK YOU to Namine from (The Clutter Box) for sending me the gift of literature.

Happy New Year Everyone, Let's make this one count!