January 27, 2011

Work 101

As you might know, I have a job now. It's not glamorous by any means. But I am very grateful to have it. But not all the customer are gems. There are 3 types of customers I can not stand!

1. (when an item doesn't scan): IT'S FREE, I BET IT'S FREE, IF IT DOESN'T SCAN IT'S FREE! I assume you think you are being funny and smart, well I can assure you pale I hear that at a minimum of 3 times a day. It's have become rather OLD!

2. (they walk in and i've just sat down after cleaning the back or front) YOU LOOK TIRED, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TIRED IS! Um sorry did I say I had the worst job in the world, I did not. Please shut your face!

3. YOU NEED TO BE A NURSE OR TEACHER! Well thank you Mr. Stereotype. I love that your mind stopped growing after the 30s and assume I need to take one of those roles to feel fulfilled in life. Damn me having a vagina!

really people, really? Please for one moment before you open your mouth will you assume that I have a handle on my life and i'm quite content with where I am at the present time. I do have a plan and i'm in the midst of it now. I will not be changing it anytime soon. Have a nice day!


  1. What job is this? Haha, that must get extremely annoying! Why can't people be polite???

    Hope your job gets somewhat more bearable.

  2. ugh people are horrendous! You can always tell those people who have worked similar jobs as you to those who haven't