January 11, 2011

How They Met...

My grandfather, John, at the time was dating a girl from the mountain. His best friend, Reed, would was dating my grandmother's sister, Mary Joe. my grandmother, Margie, was out watering the flowers one afternoon when the boys came to pick up Mary Joe. They left on their date as expected but the next time Mary Joe asked if Margie would go out on a date with John, since the last date he had stopped seeing the girl on the mountain.

Margie replied, "OKAY, but only this once. He's very arrogant!" ending with a face she makes...

They got married on Christmas Eve 1949

p.s. Mary Joe and Reed also married.


  1. P.S.S. Aunt Jo married Uncle Reed, and Aunt Becky married Uncle Geter

  2. OMG YOUR RIGHT!! GAH I'M HORRIBLE...must correct....EEEEEE

  3. lol what did you write before? ahhaha. dont worry, I made terrible mistake too and often just laugh out loud to cover up my awkwardness :P

  4. I LOVE stories about how people meet and fall in love. I'm a big sap, really :)


  5. oh this is such a great story!!!

  6. What a lovely story...makes me realise I don't really know how my grandparents met!