January 20, 2011

Movie Review: The Fall

Possibly the most gorgeous movie I have ever watched. Visually it will take your breath away. The plot will demand your attention even after it ends. Tarsem Singh created a world within a world for every single unbelievable site you see is real. The crew shot in over 18 countries and used as little visual edits as possible. Every character and object you see has significant meaning.

The story centers around Roy Walker and Alexandria. He tells her of an epic tale but soon his intentions become clearer as reality and the story start to merge. A darkness over takes them, a dark reality that we all try to ignore. But even in the face of death and depression there is a small light screaming "Let him live"!

My personal rating for the movie is a 5 out of 5. I doubt I will see a movie as impressive as this one for a while.


  1. definitely adding that to my queue, then!

  2. umm interesting. I have sent your link to Mr. to find the movie for me!! Fingers crossed

  3. YES this is SUCH a beautiful movie, visually and story-wise.