January 10, 2011

"We give this life to our children and teach them to hate this place."

I know that if I truly delved deep in to these topics this would become a 20 page post. To keep from doing that i'm going to shorten it to a few main topic bullets!

+ Do you feel that it is the parents fault on how their children turned out?
+ Are the older & younger generations becoming hateful?
+ Do we forget how beautiful this planet can be and is?
+ Did we fuck up?
+ Why are we becoming lazy and tired people?
+ Why do people push things on you?
+ Why do we fill the pockets of people who are complete idiots?
+ Why won't we help people any more?
+ When did "pills" become the answer?
+ How are we going to make it better?
+ And will someone please smile...

1 comment:

  1. I think thinking people are regularly faced with the choice to accept or reject a way of living/thinking/being that they were brought up believing in. Eventually, you have to begin to own what you do.