January 6, 2011

Words on a page..

Starting January first I have been writing things that have left an impression on me. Whether the events of that day are happy or not I want to remember. While doing this I have realized that I suck at writing with a pen, for some reason my hand writing looks better and less sloppy when written in pencil. Geez.

I hope that whether you record it or not, that you have something special happen each and every day.



  1. It's a lovely idea (and I really enjoy writing in pencil!)

  2. Mine looks better in pencil too!! Isn't that the strangest thing!!

  3. What a lovely idea :)

    - Kez

  4. That's really cool! I've kept diaries the past 2 years and it's really nice to look back on it all! Haha, I hate writing in pen, if I can, I always choose pencil! :P

  5. that's really a good idea. Hmm haven't write diaries for ages. While i post everything on the blog. of course, not the bad stuffs(save in drafts instead of posting up).. haha, it's really cool when you look back on all the stuffs.