October 26, 2009

Movie Review (contains some spoilers)

The other night I had the pleasure of being invited to see the horror movie craze of the season, Paranormal Activity. Critics have been raving about how the simplicity is what makes it scary. I literally laughed through the whole film. The male character, Mikah, was a sarcastic idiot or really over confident. I can't tell you how many times something "scary" happened like her getting dragged down the hall way by some unseen force and them keep going to bed every night. If I was dragged down the hall way by some weird ghostly beast I would be high tailing it to a catholic church or voodoo priestess! There were a few other things I wanted to briefly touch on. They mention in the film that they set the alarm every night but when she gets possessed, walks down stairs, and opens the back door the alarm doesn't go off. Plus other things happen that never are mentioned later. Also In the original movie they made in 2007 the ending is different(SPOILERS) she comes up stairs and starts rocking back and forth. Then the cops come and she tries to attack them and they shoot her. End of story. Steven Spielberg wanted them to change it to the more dramatic ending. Which I won't ruin for anyone who does want to see it. The best part of the movie was when we left the theater and this guy was messing with his girlfriend about how he felt it breathing on him and making it look like it was pulling him down the hallway.

Final Conclusion is that It's an okay movie but I wouldn't want to see it again or really tell anyone to pay $10 to see it. It doesn't even get scary till the end.

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