October 19, 2009

Give Away Surprise

Hello Darlings! I have a marvelous surprise in store for one lucky person! I am having a give away to celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging. I have had such a wonderful first year of blogging; all the sweet comments and meeting new friends! I hope this second year will be just as amazing!

The only rule is to leave a comment about your favorite flavor of chips! This Friday I will choose a name randomly and that lovely person will receive a secret surprise!

Have a Marvelous Monday!!



  1. Are we talking potato chips? I'm all over jalepeno chips. More specifically, I love Meijer's kettle cooked jalepeno chips. I totally binge eat those *fist pump*

  2. We talk about chips later...
    *Argggggg*.... I love your layout. So adorable.
    I love colourful and bright layout. hehe =)
    So, you're no longer using the previous blog, do you?
    I dun eat much chips. the only one i eat are springles...

  3. Dill... salt and pepper or zesty nacho!

    I'm loving the hearts!!

  4. Thank you!!! And I am still blogging at PinkAppleCore I just renamed this one (that use to be BlueStrawberries)

  5. My fav to buy in the store are the spicy doritos - they are awesome! but if you can find some raw chips or home fries (just like chips but homemade) from Leo's in SC with some blue cheese crumbles on them then I'm sold! Love the new look! and such a fun name!!

  6. weeelll, i love salt and vinegar chips. kettle chips calls them sea salt and vinegar and makes me feel like i should be a sailor. i'm excited for this new blog of yours!!

  7. sour cream and onion. yumyum.
    new layout looks vair nice!

  8. You've only been on for a year?? It feels like ages! I swear that internet time is on a whole 'nother scale! Congratulations for making it this far.

    I <3 original, but they must be crinkle cut! mmmm chippies!!

    I used to <3 Salt & Vinegar but when I was younger I had almost a whole bag to myself & now I can hardly eat them at all!

  9. I looove Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations ~ http://i37.tinypic.com/v683eb.jpg