March 6, 2010

Spring get your butt over here...

Spring is within sight but out of reach at the moment. The sun on my back is present and refreshingly warm but I haven't been able to part ways with the bitter cold wind. Spring I promise I will welcome you with open arms. Come to me my darling let us skip through the lush green fields and drink lemonade.

Here are some outfits I wouldn't mind (Freaking love) to own.


  1. hang in there! spring is nearing you.

    the skull ring is soooo cute!

  2. Oh I love the skull ring..such a pretty color too!

  3. Oh, love these!! especially the black and yellow!!

  4. I want the pink glasses, the boots, and the camera!!!! Luvverly.
    It's Autumn here now! How I love the change of seasons!