March 31, 2010

Scene one "RED"

Since you all were so nice to vote and pick a winning start to "RED". I'm posting it right now! There will be another poll up soon so you can vote for scene 2! I'm not sure how many scenes there will be but we'll see when we get down that road. Hope you enjoy, excuse the grammar..

“BANZAI!” Giggled Red as she twirled her beloved stuffed toy.

His nose is worn, some of his threads are torn, and a slight stain on his paw from that amazing pirate party they had last summer. He has always been with her from day one. Her beloved wolf plushy, with whom she bestowed the name Pin.

“RED!!” screamed her frantic grandmother, “RED COME SEE THIS!”

Needles, Red’s granny, was still young at heart and mind. She had decorated the entire living room in faerie lights, glitter filled crinoline, and paper flowers. Not one inch was left untouched by her imagination. Satisfied with her self she smiled a triumphant grin that would make most serious guardians shiver with worry.

“Red, my little prodigy, lets have a picnic inside today” declared Needles

Red was having a giggle fit with all the lights and colors assaulting her eyes. She nodded and jumped in agreement while rushing to the kitchen. She grabbed a bowl bigger than her head and Pin’s combined. Thinking very hard and seriously on the matter, she started looking for the perfect foods to eat for their faerie tale themed picnic.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped when she opened the fridge

Dozens of different neon frosting covered cupcakes lined the first two shelves. Colors that would defy logic sat before her. She grabbed a tray and sat them near her bowl that still sat empty. Thinking on her feet she twirled towards the pantry for more goodies of the sweet kind.

“oooooh” she sang while her eyes searched

If it was sugary or chocolaty she grabbed in and crammed it into her bowl. Proud of the most certain sugar high they would get she started scooting the bowl to the living room. Needles gracefully stepped over her and headed towards the kitchen. She quickly mixed up some chocolate milk. While just finishing the chocolate masterpieces of liquid goodness… Axe walked in.


  1. oh, this sounds so yummy!! And Axe... well that is mean leaving it like that!! :) I love a good story. And the decorations sound so fun. I would love to do something like

  2. :) This is such a good idea doing a story like this! I can't wait for the next part.
    Although now I'm very intrested to know what happened in the other two beginings!

  3. Namine: I did it for dramatic effect!!

    Katwalk: I think at the end of this I'll let everyone know the different stories this could have been.

  4. This is really interesting. I have voted A for the next scene.

  5. How sweet! I totally want to be like Needles when I'm a granny!