March 8, 2010

Just Dance...and it'll be okay?

I was channel surfing last night and stopped on MTV's show America's Best Dance Crew. ABDC for short. I'm not a follower of the show but I do like to watch when I happen to catch it. Last night was the Lady Gaga Challenge and two bands really stuck out to me. What's really weird was the other day I commented on a fellow bloggers page about whether I liked Lady Gaga or not, which sorry dears I am indifferent to her. I don't hate her but I don't like her music either...except "Just Dance" I like that one.

Group 1: Heavy Impact
I love these guys they danced so good last night. I really give them thumbs up for being the size they are but still able to flip and be energetic. They believe you can be any size and dance. I agree too guys!

Group 2: Blueprint Cru
I really liked their routine the most everything was tight and the ending was genius. Blueprint is quite unique since they aren't american, they are actually Canadian.


  1. I have never seen this show before. I don't like lady gaga much either (except for Just Dance) the first video is awesome!

  2. Ah, it is refreshing to see people who are not gaga over gaga! I don't hate her- she does what she does well...but there is a lot of hype about her that i just don't understand. Yes, she dresses creatively, but if I just close my eyes I can barely tell her apart from Christina Aguilera or something y'know?. meh. Yep, indifferent is the word!
    There have been some really cool lady gaga covers! These are interesting! When I went to see Faith No More they incorporated "Poker face" into one of their songs. It was great!