March 19, 2010

spin me a yarn...

I have been in a big writing mood these past few days so I was thinking of writing one of those stories where you get to the end of a scene and BAM!! You have to choose 1,2,or 3...and that determines the next scene in the story. Interested yet? Well you should be since it will be you guys who get to determine the story. I'm going to write three possible beginnings to a story that we all know well; "Little red riding hood". When I've written them I will have a poll in the upper right hand corner for you to choose either 1,2, or 3! It's all a surprise! Oh this will be exciting! This will be a project for April!


  1. Yes yes yes!!! Do it! I tried to start a blog that was all "choose your adventure" style once, but i ran out of ideas :S haha.
    Awesome project! Looking forward to the first installment :)

  2. oooh that is such a fabulous idea! No wonder your blog is so good with all your amazing ideas. I'm looking forward to April now, this sounds like lots of fun xx

  3. ah thanks lovelies I appreciate it. I am really in the writing mood so I really hope you all enjoy it. :)