March 31, 2010

I think you are missing something?

recently my dad purchased a bag of potatoes, which is definitely not out of the norm for us. I reached in the other day to get a few spuds when I noticed what was on the bag. It was Toy Story! Then I noticed they where missing something. There was no potato-head! How can you have a toy story themed potato bag and not have potato head on it? I was baffled at what surely was a mistake. right?

What do you think? Should potato-head be on the bag or would that be kind of weird?


  1. hahahah that is soo cute! a bag of potatoes actually came with a Toy Story packaging? damn that's brilliant. but it would been much much more brilliant if there was Mr Potato Head in there. that should have been the whole point, innit?! =D

  2. Maybe mr potato head felt a bit weird advertising his own kind to be eaten? Although if that is the case, maybe buzz and woody should have taken into account their friends feelings!? haha

    Are they like toy story brand potatoes? haha they should come with a selection of eyes, nose, ears etc. so you can build your own mr potato head before you eat them!

  3. szela: yeah I was wondering why a potato bag had toy story theme but I guess being a little adventurous in the advertising field isn't a bad thing.

    Katwalk: hahahaha I wish it came with those, that would be awesome.

  4. Maybe they - the advertisers - think the pototoes inside the bag make up for Mr. Potatohead? LOL..