March 28, 2010


I am one of those people who hold in their bad feelings but on the down side I tend to hold on to them for a long time. So I need to let how I feel out. The other day was Jodi and I's 7th anniversary. We stopped by Wal-mart to get some drinks, while maneuvering to the back (there were a lot of people surrounding us and they are renovating the store) I grabbed his hand to lead the way through. This man comes up to us and puts a hand on Jodi's arm. He says "You two look good together."

I thought OMG IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY AND HE JUST SAID THAT. SQUEALS!!! but no...he kept talking. He proceeded with "you're pulling him through the store, making him carry everything (he was only carrying one bottle of mountain dew), eventually she'll make you carry the purse (I don't carry one) and then have to dress to match the purse....

I'm standing there in disbelief because HOW dare he randomly stop me in a food store and try to analyse who I am and what kind of relationship i have? No dude should have left it with "you look good together"... after that he just needed to shut his face.

P.s. PLEASE VOTE!! If you haven't I have three votes right now and each are for every option so if anything I just need one more vote!!! HURRY!!

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  1. I'm actually shocked someone would say that who knows nothing about you! Sure there are some couples who are like that, but a stranger knows nothing from just seeing you in a store, and even if you were like that, what right does he have to say anything!?
    Anyway, I'm glad you know he got it all wrong and are ignoring him!

    wow, 7 years! aww :) Besides this, did you have a good anniversary in the end?

  2. Kat: It was okay, not the best anniversary. We didn't really "do" anything together besides eat. But we spent it together so all smiles here!

  3. Ah, gracious. How boorish. Next time tell him off to his face. Well, not HIM because it won't be him, hopefully, but whichever jerk you next encounter.

  4. cuileann: I really should!! I tend to hold back because I don't want to cause a scene but I get so aggravated by the whole thing.

  5. I absolutely hated my brother in law when he heard me and my new boyfriend (now hubby) talking about going on a date.
    He was all bitter from his marriage break up and said, "Ugh. All they want to do is go on bloody dates. Watch out. Next she'll have you under lock and key. It never stops. And you'll spend heaps of money on her and she'll always be nagging you in a whiney voice."

    I had only just met him. Projection much??? He's still a sexist bastard but luckily I get that now and just take him with a pinch of salt. I just remember being gobsmacked. What an ass!

  6. Andsoiwasthinking: your right, sometimes we get scorned to the point we assume every one or everything will do the same thing. but gobsmacked is a good word for how I felt! :)

  7. What a RUDE PRICK! I despise people like that. Not only was it an ignorant assumption on his part, it is the height of rudeness to say something like that to a complete stranger. What a JERK. He's obviously a cynical old bastard who never found love, so he feels he has a right to bring down anybody he sees who looks like they share a genuine love with somebody.
    On a happier note, I voted :) looking forward to the story!

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Sometimes the best ones are just staying home hanging with each other.

    sucks about the guy. I totally would have told him off and walked away

  9. crafts: thank you so much for voting I really appreciate it!! I can't wait to see how the story goes.

    Namine: thank you, yeah sometimes people will ask, why didn't you do anything for valentine's day but we just don't care about the day, we know deep down we love each other we don't need a specific day to show it.