March 26, 2011


Check out, Meleonie, who tagged me to do a meme!

1. Food: good salad
2. Colour: any color
3. Animal: giraffe
4. Sports team: I don't have one :p
5. Dessert: ice cream in a waffle cone
6. Artist/Singer/Band: Silversun pickups
7. Shoes: Converse
8. Outfit: Skirt, Tank, and Cardigan
9. Skinny Jeans: I own a pair
10. Brand: Forever21
11. Perfume: SOAP haha
12. Accessory: necklace
13. City: Savannah, GA
14. Hobby: reading, sewing, crafting, sewing, blogging
15. Beauty product: Laura Geller
16. Snack: Kashi Pumpkin pecan bars
17. Holiday: Halloween
18. Movie: The Fall
19. Song: Journey - Seperate ways
20. Guilty pleasure: Tom's Sour Cream and Onion chips


  1. Sour Cream in Onion Chips I haven't had those in forever!!

  2. I love Forever 21, although it sucks that its not in Australia though, I'm keen to do some online shopping though! Thanks for doing the tag! <3