January 22, 2010

A really simple meal??

I'll be honest I have never done one of these "how to meals" or what not. But I wanted to try it since I have been lacking in the blogging lately.

So here we go......wait!

Tip one: If your diabetic...don't add more sugar..
Tip two: if you tend to get heart burn when eating past put milk in the sauce
tip three: upcome may differ hahaha

1: Put water into pot.

2. put a small amount of salt into your water. Helps with taste.

3. Get your desired noodles!

4. Break noodles in half. Some people don't like to break them but let them hang out of the pot. I don't like to do it because there is a risk of having burnt noodles.

5. Put noodles in water and I cook mine on medium high.

6. I started at 11:52 am.

7. Time for the sauce! Yes I do make a lot of pasta.

8. Get a second pan out.

9. put sauce in the pan, cooking at between warm and low, I like to put half a teaspoon of sugar in my sauce.

10.......put sugar in the pan (got a little ahead of my self there)

11. I also like to add a little extra garlic powder to mine.

12. Did I mention a little?

13. Just sit and wait for the pot to boil.

14. Oh look it's time to check the noodles!

15. And look they are done. Let me repeat they are DONE, not al dente or raw..they are soft and DONE.

16. Get a strainer and drain the noodles.

17. I like to put the noodles back in the pot I boiled them in (not on the stove..off to the side some where)

18. get the sauce and pour on top of the noodles.

19. Mix...stir....which ever word you like.

20. Get your favorite toppings ready. yes I love Parmesan.

21. I put an un-godly amount on my noodles...

Ok well there you go, it's quite simple to make pasta. If you guys like these really simple how-do's then I'll continue but um other wise...we'll never speak of this again. :)


  1. haha! I LOVE a lot of parmesan on my spaghetti too :)I wouldn't have thought to put sugar in...but it makes sense, as I often add a teeny bit of sweet chilli sauce to my bolognaise ( I know it sounds weird, but trust me!), as the sweetness helps to engage the tastebuds, plus i like my food a little spicy :)
    Gawd i could go some pasta right now!

  2. sweet chili sauce? hmm never thought about adding that!

    Hehe! I love pasta. It's so simple and quick to make. I usually have it once a day or every other day.

  3. I love pasta, this sounds soo yummy!!

  4. Now I'm hankering after some pasta and it's still morning yet. LOL. Those pics are so mouth watering.

  5. Nice to see a cooking post from someone who can actually take pictures well. I use way too much parmesan too, but I only eat undercooked pasta. Hehe.