January 6, 2010

Number 11 done!

The other night and dear friend of mine and I went to go see a movie "Holmes" to be frank but that's another post for another time. We got a wee bit lost on the way so we missed the 4:30pm show we had originally planned for. We had to wait for the 7:30pm showing. To pass the time away we went to grab a bite to eat, reminisce, and giggle uncontrollably! We went to Burger King because I know they have a double cheese burger for a dollar...yeah i'm a cheap skate..

Any who I told her about my list and she was all for me getting it. I nervously went up to the counter and the girl asked for my order.

I said "okay I know this is going to sound weird but I want a double cheese burger with out the cheese."

She smiled and took a pause before punching it in.

I thought "CRAP! She thinks i'm an idiot..who in their right mines orders a double cheese burger and not want cheese..?"

So I began explaining why I was ordering it when I heard...

"You can't explain it to her, now it doesn't count!!" <-- friend

"WHAT?? No it still counts.." <--- me

"No you have to do it over" <--- friend

"This for here or to go?" <-- teller girl

hahahahahaha well I think it counts whether I told the girl my plans or not! heee.

Well 20 more things to do before I turn 21...need to get busy!


  1. haha, it definatly still counts! Good luck with the rest of your list :) I really should come up with things to do before I'm 18, only 201 days left to go now! (haha, 'only'... its ages away!)

  2. LOL!!! To funny!! Still counts!!

  3. hehehe. You did it! Cross it off that list now!I'd love to do that. I excell at making myself look like a dick. :D
    Did you like Sherlock Holmes?

  4. hahahaha you would have probably handled that situation enfintely better than I did!

    I did like it, very much. I wish they would have shown him doing cocaine, I only saw him get high or drugged..

    But the slow-mo fight scenes were sexy....is it getting hot in here...? That cage-y fight scene phew that was hot.

  5. Aww, yeah, the slo- mo fight..rowr! I do have a soft spot for mr. Downey Jnr, though , so i'm quite biased ;) I loved his quirky, sexy Holmes :D