January 17, 2010

Color Change?

I wrote a post earlier about completely changing my room out. But i've been thinking about the color palette. I am kind of afraid of colors because I once painted my room lime (neon) green. So my room has been brown for 7 years. I need a change. So I'm going to take a risk and try something new. I'm going to paint 3 walls white and one wall a color. This will not make it so BOOM I guess is what i'm going for. Then I thought about painting my closet a bright color.

This photo right here is what i'm basing my ideas off of. Of course i'll have my own spin on it but I just love the whole look of the room.

Question: What is the weirdest color you have ever painted your room?


  1. My room has ALWAYS been off-white. How boring.

    Bambola's room has one wall that's purple and the rest are white. It looks really cool.

  2. I love RED feature walls :) Unfortunately though, I've never had the opportunity to paint any of my walls! Some day...sigh.

    Those colours you have there look really fresh and inviting. It will look really pretty!

  3. When I was little my bedroom was bright yellow and orange, when I was about 11 I got sick of it and painted my room a really dark purple (it was very nearly black). About 2 years ago I painted my room a bright pink, with one wall of black and silver wallpaper. I've always had my room really bold colours, but after I went to Greece for 2 weeks and stayed in a really neutral room, I started to hate it. I'd like to be able to have a really simple colour scheme, but I really can't help myself.

    LOVE the colours you've picked out though!

  4. Orange and purple (when I was at college - to match my lava lamp!)

  5. cuileann: I have seen some white - off white rooms but then they have all of these colorful accessories that bring a medium to it.

    Dolly: my living room is completely dark red. hahaha It's great during holidays that feature red.

    Kat: I love the wallpaper you have in your room, that pink and black flora design. Wall paper can be cool but it's expensive.

    Serendipity: hahaha that's awesome, people rarely ever paint a room orange. :)

  6. I painted my room lime green once.
    Then A dandelion shade of yellow.
    And before all that, my mom and I painted a mural on my wall when I was 8. Neither one of us are artistic, but it was the best wall EVER! There was a tree, a pond in the shape of a bunny, and owl, some grass, puffy clouds...So many colors!

  7. Growing up I had teal walls - I LOVED it! then after college when I moved into my own first apt - I painted my bedroom (one wall color - three walls white) cherry pink crush - it was this electric pink wall. Now in my apt - my hallway wall is Barbie pink (really bright) and one accent wall in the living room is a sky/sea blue - I love colors - go for it! love the idea of painting the closet too! When I had a bigger closet I would hang art on the walls inside too.

  8. Oh my goodness i love that room, so vintage-country.

    Have you made the hot chocolate yet, or still saving it. :)