January 27, 2010

Valentine Wish List!!!

Photo found here

Bunny, monkey bowls ($18.00)
Really cool chocolate bar ($5.00)
Artistic deck of cards ($15.00)
Shower curtains ($16.00)
Momiji dolls ($12.00)
Polaroid mirror ($18.00)
String doll key chains ($10.00)
Candy wrapper bracelet ($12.00)
Holga camera key chain (VERY MUCH WANT) ($16.00)


  1. I have a Momiji doll! So cute

    this site is pretty neat!!

  2. ahh, I saw that polaroid mirror a few days ago and kind of want it too...:)

  3. I wuv momiji dolls too! They're so gorgeous.
    Well, lets hope your boyf reads this list eh ;)
    I never get anything for valentines day. In my imagination however, I receive mysterious and romantic notes from secret admirers. haha. I'm so lame :D

  4. Dolly: I totally agree, I tend to imagine if I had one or what not. Jodi and I have been together for almost 7 years now so we don't really celebrate anymore, we might go out to eat but we don't make a big deal of it.. ends up being shrugged off..