April 5, 2010

I'm pickin' up bad vibrations...

The other day I drove my father to a friend's house, the friend was having motorcycle troubles and had asked for his help. Dad cranked up the bike and made it go as loud as it could. Me not being the machanical prodigy of the family stood behind the bike. I got the full force of the noise. My ear drums litterally vibrated. It was one of the most unique and un-wanted feelings I've ever had. And me trying to be the cool one tried to hold out as long as I could with out putting my hands over my ears...Then after not being able to take the auditory assault any longer I covered my ears. Dad noticed and stopped the bike. "You shouldn't stand behind the bike, stand over here..." Really? You...you couldn't have warned me earlier???

Lesson for the day, don't stand behind a motorcycle!

Question: What is one body part you hate to get touched or tickled? (I.e. Ears, stomach, hips, feet)


  1. My dad had a noisy bike, as did my ex at one stage! Yes, they are bloody annoying to listen to! (the bikes, not the men..although..)

    Hmmm..I've never really liked anyone touching my wrists...also it drives me mental if anyone tries to tickle my feet. I hate it!!!
    I know quite a few ladies who hate their boyriends/partners touching their stomachs. I can be a bit that way too sometimes! i just get paranoid that it will feel fat and gross:S
    I think thats a bit of a girl thing.

  2. Oh I hate it when someone trys to tickle my stomach...it hurts I'm too sensitive there...I will punch some body for that.