April 16, 2010

I will hold your hand...

I take friendship seriously...I guess that's why i get hurt a lot but i'm not here to talk about that. I hate to see those close to me upset or hurt. It breaks my heart and I feel so helpless until said person feels better. I want to hug them, dry the tears, and tell them it's going to be okay...don't worry I promise it will be alright. I want to take away all the pain and just jam it into a bottle, throw it into the ocean with a weight attached to it. Please dry the tears, please...I don't know what to do but I will sit here with you in the dark, i'll let you have my arm to cry into, and i will sit there until you want me to move. I will hold onto you tight and let you know that someone truly cares about you.

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  1. I wish I took friendship as seriously as I once did. I use to do anything for my friends, and then eventually I guess I just had a couple bad friends and they took advantage of the fact I would do anything. Now I am super cautious and it feels hard to make or even maintain friendships. Which things were easier like back in school

  2. Namine: I know how you feel i've had people i really cared about and did a lot for them. Then when i really needed them they didn't do squat.

  3. Yup, I do take it seriously too..
    and yeah, I agree, so many unwanted things comes. My best friend seems don't take it seriously, it's sad.

  4. This is a sweet post ♥
    It seems we've all been let down by people though :( I've experienced it too. It hurts.
    But is is really nice to know therre ARE still genuinely caring people around! (You are one of those nice peeps!)