April 28, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 5 Version A

Wow I think this was the first time not all the options where voted for, I.e. C was casted out in vain. Thanks again for voting for the next scene in this on going story of mystery. This scene is kind of a catch up so to speak. Hope you enjoy it!! Vote for Scene 6 in the poll if you want this story to keep going!!

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Scene 5 version A

“Let me begin my dear by introducing my self. You may call me Ulric.” Bowed the beautiful man

Red cocked her head to the side while surveying the stranger. He had golden eyes like Pin that made her think there was more to this man than let on. “Are you Pin?” questioned Red bluntly

“No, I’m not the wolf you know as Pin, he is my son.” Smiled Ulric revealing a sharp grin

“Where is he?” asked Red

“He is out with the pack, he will return in a short time.” Said Ulric

Ulric sat back down on the bed with Red. He looked out the window for a moment collecting his thoughts wisely before starting. Red couldn’t stop starring at the man; there was something so familiar about him.

“Red, you are part wolf. Your mother fell in love with a young male from our pack. She didn’t know he what he was until she had you.” Ulric paused waiting for Red to injected but she just kept his gaze in silence

“Your father and I made a deal so to speak, I would keep the wolves away from your mother, a threat to our secret, in exchange for you wedding my son.” Ulric spat out coarsely

“hahahaha, I’m not old enough to get married” giggled Red

“Well it’s not something that would happen right away, it’s an arranged marriage” explained Ulric

Red continued laughing at the man’s story when the door opened. A boy not much older than Red walked in, he looked wrong in a way that he didn’t fit his body. A mature soul in a young vessel, gave him a cold look. He walked in with two other figures. One was slim and the other muscular.

“Hello, love.” Said the boy with a liquid steel flow

“Are you Pin?” ask Red

The boy starred at the young girl with lost in his eyes but understood soon what she meant. “Yes, I am your Pin.”

Red pushed off the bed with a new found energy, making a mad dash for the boy. She hugged him tight before letting go. “What’s your name; it’s not Pin is it?” Ask Red with a touch of sadness

“No, my name is Lyall.” Answered the boy but noticing the girl’s expression, “You can call me pin, if you like.”

Red’s face brightened up with a smile so quickly that Lyall blushed. Red giggled at the fun she was going to have with her new friend, forgetting the conversation she had just had with Ulric. Forgetting just how bound she was to her new friend… forgetting about her home

Forgetting about Axe…


  1. This one is so sweet. You must complie this at the end please.

  2. Ooh! The plot thickens!