April 20, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 4 Version A

Thank you for voting on Scene 4! If you are still interested in this story and want it to continue please vote in the poll, on the right hand corner! This one is going to last a bit longer than 4 days because my classes are coming to a close and I need to study. That also means that this story will not be finished by April but that's okay it's really starting to get interesting.

- Scene 4 version A -

“We ran….I didn’t know what we were running from or running to. But as long as I had life-size Pin with me I was okay.” Red thought to herself

The wolf’s body caught the shine of the moon, making his blue-ish black fur illuminate, his feet stomped into the ground in haste to reach the destination. He looked over every now and again to affirm the child was still at his side. As if knowing his thoughts she would let out a panted “I’m still here Pin.” They continued running till they came to a small shack. Red stopped realizing how much she had run. Her legs wobbled before giving away to exhaustion.

Red casted a glance at Pin, there was an eerie silence now since they had stopped. Life size Pin walked over to the cabin door and pointed his nose at the handle. Red crawled to the door, unable to stand. She outstretched her hand as far as it would go wrapping her tiny fingers around the handle. It opened without much effort.

Pin nodded again for her to go into the cabin. Red complied and crawled the small distance into the cabin before loosing consciousness. Pin cocked his head at the small and the tired body. He walked out side, eyes looking up at the moon….

------------------ Next morning ------------------

Red awoke in a tiny make shift bed. A slender man was in the corner starring at her. Red sat up startling the man.

“Where is Pin?” asked Red sleepy eyed
“Pin?” asked the confused man
“Yeah, he’s my wolf!” answered Red

The man smiled and let out a quick laugh, his black hair fell over his eyes. He pressed his back against the wall and slide up into a standing position. Red pulled the small afghan away letting her tired legs be encased in cold air.

“He is your wolf.” Stated the man, “but his name is not Pin.”

Red looked annoyed at the man; how dare he tell her what the name of her wolf was or not. Seeing the look the small girl gave him he sat down on the opposite end of the bed.

“Red… I have a lot to tell you.”


  1. Like you said, it IS getting interesting. Want to hear what he has to say.

  2. It certainly IS getting interesting!!!!
    I love wolves :)