April 15, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 3 Version B

Polls are closed and the winner was "B". Thanks again for voting and keeping this random story going. The Tale of Red has certainty taken a huge turn! What will happen next time? Find out by voting in the poll to your right!

"Scene 3 Version B"

In the shadows of the woods glowed two yellow eyes. The barrier of glass between the living room and the outside seemed so fragile…so breakable. The eyes came closer and closer to the window. It stopped just short enough to fog the glass with its warm breathe.

Needles, Red, and Axe stood up cautiously; they looked at the figure staring back at them. The creature bent its neck back and let out a long beautiful note. Red starred in awe that the beast. Axe wasn’t sure about the new creature only feet away. Axe grunted and tugged on Red’s sleeve.

“Come on Red, let’s go get some ‘ore sweets.” Beckoned Axe

Red never looked away from the beauty that stood before her. Axe irritated from the silent rejection made his way alone to the kitchen. Red let out a long note deep from with in her throat. The figure tilted its head to the side. Together they sang…. A song only few know.

“Red don’t go any where, I’m going to go get a camera.” Needles gasped as she ran up the stairs

Time seemed to slow as the beast ran full speed at the window, cascading with the clear barrier…. Crack…

Red felt a ting of pain on her cheek as the window shattered and tiny shards flew in her direction. She released her grip and let go of Pin. She raised her hand…. It starred at the young child with a sharp tooth grin….

Needles ran back when she heard the sound of glass breaking. She stopped at the landing looking at the carnage of broken glass beneath the window and little drops of blood on the floor.

“RED!!!, AXE!!” screamed Needles while running through the house.

She stopped when she made it back to the living room, not sure where to run next. A moan came from near the grandfather clock that towered in the corner. Needles ran to the noise and found Axe curled into a ball on the floor. She turned him over, patting her hands over the body to find if the drops of blood came from the small boy. She found no blood but a large bruise on his rib.

“Axe, where is Red?” question Needles in a calm but pushing voice
Axe moaned something inaudible…
“Axe, please…where is Red?” pleaded Needles

“She went with the wolf…”


  1. Oh no, she didn't. What a suspenseful end.

  2. It's getting all scary now!