April 8, 2010

RED: Interactive Story Scene 2 Version C

Thanks again lovelies for voting and choosing how this story will mysteriously go. If it wasn't for you this story would go no where, literally. I'll have the next post up soon but It will only last for 4 days instead of 7. I would like to finish the story in April but if we don't that's fine. It just seemed like seven days was a long time for the poll to be up.

P.s. I had a lovely lady ask me about the other versions, when this story is over I will post the other versions. I just didn't want anyone to get confused about which was the actual story. but you will get to see those later.

Did I ever tell you people that you keep me sane? Well you do, so pat your self on the back because you're awesome!


“Ello, Needles!” smirked Axe

Axe was a red headed spit fire of a boy. If it was worth doing he did it vigor. He made his way to the living room in search of his buddy. Red and Axe were more than two peas in a pod they were like both sides of a coin. Once they got together they were hard to pull apart.

“Waauuuuwwaaa”, cheered Axe as he surveyed Needles handy work, “This is brilliant!”

“Why thank you, Mr. Axe.”, said Needles quite classy, “We are having a faerie tale picnic, how about you be the prince?”

“Aww yuck, why do I ‘ave to be the prissy prince for?” argued Axe

“Oh nooo, Axe your wrong a prince is noble and adventurous!” stated Red

“mmm, well I am that and more.. Alright then. But only if Red gets to be the princess.” Said Axe

Needles, taking no offense, nodded her head and waved her arms in a magical chanting way.

They spent the rest of the night battling cardboard swords, dancing weird waltzes, and climbing on imaginary chair-like mountains. Needles was everything from a witch queen, to a dragon. After the sugar rush had slowly dissipated they laid on the floor starring at the ceiling in a daze. Quietness took over the room…

when a tapping came from the window


  1. i love it, and i want to have a faerie tale picnic!

  2. LOL, this is cute in a weird way. Nice.

  3. This IS cute :)
    I love the names!