April 11, 2010

Never say goodbye...

When I was young I always wanted to go to Never Land. I didn't want to grow up...I wanted to be a child forever and have adventures with my best buddy. I never wanted to "slow down". I never wanted to get sick. I never wanted to be sad. but now that i'm older I don't want to go...or well I would but i'd come back...who passes up a chance to go to never land?

Question: Did you ever want to go to Never Land?


  1. I agree with Erin, who commented above me. I still wanna go

  2. When I was younger, I didn't want to go to neverland. Strange, considering Peter Pan was one of my favorite Disney movies. I mean, I guess it looked fun, but it also looked dangerous. And I didn't want to get into any danger where my parents couldn't quickly retrieve me.

    But now...now I'd like to go to neverland. As long as I could return to normal life. Like, maybe I could go once every other weekend. Or maybe just once a month. That might be fun.

  3. I want to go anywhere magical! reality can be so disappointing..